Project Management Courses in Canada

Want to study Project Management Courses in Canada? Here is why Canada is an ideal choice

Project management is turning out to be one of the most sought after courses in Canada. Project Management Courses in Canada generally spans between 1-2 years, which usually depends upon the course one has opted for. The courses are offered as a graduate certificate or diploma or a master?s degree.

  • Project Management Courses in Canada average fees – 17,904 CAD to 42,113 CAD.
  • The average salaries of Project Managers are 89,400 – 108,820 CAD per annum.

By studying such courses, a student will get the experience to handle the projects and assignments to grab some practical knowledge of the course.?

Reasons to study in Canada

  • Quality education at Canadian universities has led to a steep rise in increase in international students by 154% enrollment from 2010.
  • Total growth of 33% is seen every year in the field of project management courses because new businesses and well-established businesses would need a good project manager for the growth of the company.?
  • 4 Canadian cities feature among top 50 student cities as per QS. They are – Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • Students are also able to get a work visa in Canada which would help them to make extra pennies besides their studies.

Therefore, studying project management courses in Canada can be a decent choice.

Different types of Project management courses in Canada

Many Project management courses in Canada are available with good colleges, and a student can choose any of them from the below-mentioned specializations:

  • IT Project Management
  • Project Management in environmental studies
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Construction Project Management

A student can choose the specific course based on their interests from the lot. Students can evaluate the syllabus and curriculum, and they should choose the course which is best suited for their personality.?

Universities offering Project Management Courses in Canada

  1. Applied Project Management Certificate: This course is one of the best project management courses in Canada. It is offered by the University of Winnipeg. During the course of 1 year, a student gets to learn about many practical applications and theoretical knowledge. A student will get to know about the fieldwork and can learn about this stream by applying this knowledge. A student will need a clear GMAT score and good SOP can do wonders in terms of getting the admission in the colleges.?
  2. Graduate Certificate in Project Management: This course is provided by Royal Roads University. This is a commendable course that builds a straight management personality into a person by providing them with a good build-up of knowledge. A student who gets a degree from here can have a high chance of getting a job anywhere in the world. A well-trained personality develops up here to perfectly fit in the management/business world.?
  3. Graduate Diploma in Project Management & Organizational Leadership: This course is also provided by Royal Roads University. A good GMAT score with a degree in management studies is required to fulfil the admission criteria of the college. A student will have to handle many projects while studying with this college. This College is known for building a good professional and management ethics in the students. A student who has achieved a degree from here can get higher recommendations for the big and established companies.?
  4. MSc in Project Management: This is one of the courses offered by North Eastern University. This course basically tells you about reading the statistics of the company and the firm and evaluating them by making a good and successful strategy for the business. This is one of the most opted courses by the students. A successful CGPA of 3 and above is the minimum requirement of the course.?
  5. Masters in project management: This course is offered by the University of Calgary. The course is available in 2 forms Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Project Management and Master in Civil Engineering – Project Management. The university also offers an MBA in Project Management as well. Good CGPA needs between 3 – 4 in an undergraduate degree.

Requirements to study Project Management Courses in Canada

  • A student has to score very well in their graduate degree courses as the admission cutoff goes really higher in the management courses.?
  • A Good CGPA of 60 percent or more in an undergraduate degree is needed from a recognized university/college to study Graduate Certificate or Diploma Courses.
  • A student has to pay the fee between 17K to 40K CAD (depends upon the course).?
  • An Indian student must have a visa and a good score of 6.5 in IELTS.
  • GMAT score (if required) is required for studying Masters in Project Management.

These are some of the requirements that a student has to fullfil to study Project Management courses in Canada.


According to the report of Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027, employers will be needing around 80 – 90 million manpower working in various project management assignments. This makes project management a decent choice for students.?

As freshers, you can earn 30,000 – 50,000 CAD in Canada, so there is quite a decent scope there. There are a variety of industries here like Banking, Automobile, IT, Health, Construction, Insurance, Hospitality and other sectors where one can find a job in Project Management.

So, if you are planning to study and make a career in this field, Canada can be a decent place to study. The lifestyle and living standard in Canada are also decent which enables a healthy and comfortable living. You will also come across many foreign nationals of various ethnicities. So, plan and start preparing to take admission to Project Management Courses in Canada.