SweeTarts Squeez – Green Apple

SweeTarts are one of my favorite candies, and Nestle/Wonka has added to the SweeTarts line (BUY) with Chewy SweeTarts (giant and mini), Sour SweeTarts, Giant Color Changing SweeTarts, SweeTarts Gummy Bugs, SweeTarts Rope, and finally, SweeTarts Squeez in Green Apple and Wild Cherry. Phew! Way to brand ’em, Mr. Wonka.

I’d seen the SweeTarts Squeez near the cash registers in grocery stores before, but I’d never dared to purchase them. When my friend Cassie saw them offered as prizes at Dave & Buster’s, she “bought” a tube out of curiosity and was generous enough to give it to me after she had a taste. And by generous, I mean she realized that SweeTarts Squeez gel is like delicious sugared crack and threw me to the addiction sharks in order to save herself.


As far as candy goes, this stuff is neither complex nor refined. It’s just pure sugar in gel form with a sweet, tangy, and tart green apple aftertaste that, surprisingly enough, tastes just like a green SweeTart. The gel is fairly fluid (slightly runnier than toothpaste) and is chock full of sugar grains.

This stuff is addictively good. I’ve been eating it slowly by squeezing tiny dabs onto my fingertip instead of just squeezing it straight onto my tongue. It’s good enough to buy again, but too dangerous to buy often.

Asian candies I

I am Asian, so you will be reading about a lot of Asian candy. Consider this part I of an open-ended series.

Lotte Cafe Coffee chewing gumfood-blog-pictures-016.jpg

This gum tasted like weak coffee with too much sugar and cream. The flavor didn’t last very long, and once it was gone, the gum took on an unpleasant taste and texture. I was not a fan, but my mother, who likes her coffee weak with lots of sugar and cream, loved it. Go figure.

Meiji Apollo strawberry/chocolate thingies BUY

food-blog-pictures-015.jpgThese little cones are adorable and delicious. It may be hard to tell from the picture, but they’re about the size of a peanut, sans shell. The pink top is strawberry (I think it may be flavored white chocolate), while the brown bottom is milk chocolate. The texture is wonderfully creamy, and the sweet strawberries ‘n’ cream smell is incredible. I’m a dark chocolate lover and usually find milk and white chocolate to be too sweet for my taste. These candies are on the sweet side, but I don’t find them offensive or cloying at all. Interestingly enough, they may be named after NASA’s Apollo command module.

Ramune Soda Fizzy Candy BUY

ramune-soda.jpgI polished these guys off at the restaurant, so I apologize for the poor photo from Amazon.com. The candies are snow white in color and look kind of like pills. Size-wise, they’re like fat Tart N Tinys. Taste-wise, they taste like Ramune soda, which can be found at any Asian grocery store. Ramune soda bottles have a very distinct shape. The bottles are stoppered with marbles. To open the soda, you break the seal and push the marble into the bottle’s uniquely shaped neck, where it rattles around while you drink the soda. The fizzy candy makers have tried to emulate the bottle’s shape with their plastic container, a design note that I appreciate.

Ramune soda (and, by correlation, ramune soda candy) is supposed to be lemonade flavored. I find the taste to be more of a generically crisp citrus flavor, which is quite enjoyable, if unremarkable. The fizzy part of the candies is far less noticeable than that of the Jones Soda candies, but the Ramunes taste much better and have no lingering aftertaste. The citrus flavor isn’t that strong, but it doesn’t have to compete with an overpoweringly sweet sugar flavor, so the citrus really comes through. The compressed sugar Ramunes are also slightly softer than the Jones candies, somewhere between a Sweet Tart and a Smartie.

I would definitely buy the Apollo candies again, and the Ramune candies are maybe worth another taste in the future. As for the coffee gum, I’ve given the rest of the pack to my mother. Good riddance.

Edit 09/05: The Apollo strawberry candies are worth a ZOMG!, the Ramune candies an OM, and the gum just an O.

Jones Soda Co. Candy – Green Apple

jones-candy-big.jpgJones Soda Co. is probably most infamous for their Thanksgiving sodas that come in flavors like Turkey & Gravy, Cranberry, and Brussels Sprouts. I don’t know if I’m adventurous enough to try those, but when I saw Jones Soda Co. Carbonated Candy (BUY) while standing in line at the checkout aisle, I picked up a tin. It helped that the candy was Green Apple, not turkey, flavored.

photo courtesy of Jones Soda Co. website

First of all, I love the tin that these candies come in. It’s about the size of a big pack of gum (the 30-stick size), which makes it quite grip-able, and it can be opened by a flick of the thumb. When I finish off the candy, I plan on keeping the tin and stashing M&Ms or Jelly Bellies or something in there. Opening the lid reveals a customer-submitted fortune on the underside, just like the ones on the Jones Soda bottle caps. Mine reads, “‘jeans, the human napkin.’ -Merrilee, from Boise.” Utterly useless, but kind of cute, I guess. At least the sayings serve to drive customer participation, which promotes loyalty to the brand.

The candies themselves are about the size of an aspirin and have a J imprinted on both sides. My green apple ones were the same speckled green of a Sweet Tart. Also like Sweet Tarts, Jones candies are made of compressed sugar and share the same crunchy texture. The Jones candies have the added bonus of tingling the tongue as they dissolve. The slight fizziness is pretty neat, and the extreme fizziness that comes from chewing up the candies creates an addictively bizarre sensation.

Taste-wise, these candies are only so-so. The apple taste is very mild, and if you eat too many of them like I did, they leave a sugary aftertaste behind that’s rather unpleasant. I would’ve preferred a much stronger apple taste.

I probably won’t buy these again. At $1.50 per 50-count tin, they’re a little on the pricey side for a snack I only enjoy for the fizzy taste. On the other hand, they also come in Fufu Berry and Berry Lemonade flavors, and Orange & Cream, Cream Soda, and M.F. Grape are supposed to come out this year. Perhaps one of those flavors would tempt my palate more.