Ritter Sport – Rum Raisin and Nuts

This Ritter Sport Rum Raisin and Nuts was one of the most exciting samples that I brought back from Sweets and Snacks.

According to the Gourmet Grand Dame bloggess of the company that imports Ritter Sports to the U.S., Alfred Ritter didn’t want to export this flavor of Ritter because the rum flavor dissipates if it spends too long on the shelf. I believe that they convinced him it would be okay to sell it in the U.S. as a limited edition around the holidays, so you may see this in the States eventually.

The second that I unwrapped this bar, I was launched into booze city! The bar smelled overwhelmingly of rum and sweetness.

The flavor of rum pervaded every bite. There was no burn, just the flavor of alcohol.

The chocolate had a softer texture than expected – solid, but with no snap. Little bits of hazelnut that were generously distributed in every square added a dry crunch and toasty nuttiness.

Small raisins also distributed throughout the bar added a mild sweetness and a slight change in texture. Their grapey flavor, however, was lost in the boozy chocolate.

I enjoyed this bar for the novelty factor. Alcohol flavored chocolate is still a relative rarity in the U.S., and I’ve never had anything like this before. An OM.


Ritter Sport Ciocco-Duo

Here’s another Ritter Sport bar that I picked up in Europe: the Ciocco-Duo. Aka chocolate duo (my personal guessed-at translation, thank you very much).

The wrapper also claims, “delizioso cioccolato al latte extra e squisito cioccolato bianco.”

My guess at that translation? Delicious extra milk chocolate and exquisite white chocolate. But that’s just a guess. Probably close enough?

The bar was beautiful – 16 two-toned squares of a logo-stamped white chocolate top on a milk chocolate base. When I first opened it, the chocolate had an okay snap. Then a heat wave hit, and it softened some but managed to retain its shape.

The white chocolate portion had a creamy, thick melt. It tasted lightly floral with strong vanilla flavors. It was a tasty white chocolate, reminiscent of a nice vanilla frosting.

The milk chocolate base had a similarly thick and creamy melt. It tasted of caramel and cocoa with a light sweetness and some coffee notes to the finish.

I found this bar to be a well-made, tasty, and attractive addition to the Ritter Sport line-up. There’s nothing exotic about it, but it’s well-made and well-flavored. An OM.

Ritter Sport Olympia

I bought this Ritter Sport Olympia bar when I was in Italy. It’s been fairly recently featured on Candy Blog and Jim’s Chocolate Mission, so I thought I’d throw my two cents.

The wrapper notes that it contains “joghurt, honig, nuss, and traubenzucker”.

What, that’s not immediately self-explanatory? Thankfully, Cybele has revealed that it’s yogurt, honey, hazelnut, and grape sugar. I’ll admit – the grape sugar component still leaves me confused.

The milk chocolate coating was sweet and thick with a slightly sour tang that was probably helped along by the yogurt.

The filling was chock full of tiny bits of hazelnuts and what I initially thought was toffee. After reading the translation of the components, I think the toffee was actually bits of honeycomb crisps.

The nuts and crisps were similarly sized and colored. They made the bar as a whole sweet and interesting.

The yogurt brought a seriously sour tang that added to the richness of the bar. I love yogurt in my chocolate, and I enjoyed this Olympia quite a bit.

One caveat: it was maybe a tad too busy. I could’ve been just as happy, if not happier, without the hazelnuts. Sometimes simpler can be better. Just ask Coco Chanel! Still, it was a uniquely fun and tasty mix. An OM.

Other Mini Ritter Sport Round-up – Part II

Today’s review is a continuation of Wednesday’s review of the second set of mini Ritter Sport bars that I bought in Italy.

To recap, the set of seven contained Marzipan, Knusperkeks (butter biscuit), Knusperflakes (cornflakes), Vollmilch 30% Kakao (milk chocolate, 30% cacao), Joghurt (yogurt), Haselnuss (hazelnut), and Nugat (nougat). I’ll be reviewing the final two today.

Haselnuss had tiny bits of hazelnuts sprinkled throughout the milk chocolate squares. They brought a pleasant crunch and nuttiness.

I think the milk chocolate base was the same as the plain 30% bar. It tasted thick and full of caramel notes.

I appreciated that it was nicely sweet without being cloying and was clearly made with good quality ingredients. Still, it wasn’t terribly exciting and not my favorite from the Ritter Sport line, so an O.

Nugat was a soft hazelnut praline. If you look carefully in the below photo, you can just make out the change in color as the praline filling shifts to milk chocolate coating.

Though the difference was visible, it was difficult to discern by mouthfeel. Everything just melted together in my mouth into one deliciously sweet, nutty, thick, and gooey blob. Believe me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

An OM. I am so jealous of the Germans. Their default chocolate line ranges from pretty good to spectacular.

I’ve now tasted my way through a wide array of Ritter Sport bars, and I’ve yet to find a dud. Guess that means I’ll have to keep trying by eating more Ritter Sports!

Other Mini Ritter Sport Round-up – Part I

Last week, I did a 2-part (I and II) round-up of Schokowurfel, a set of 7 tiny Ritter Sports that I bought in Europe. Today and Friday, I’ll review the second set of somewhat larger mini Ritter Sport chocolates that I purchased on the same trip.

Unlike the single-squared Schokowurfel, these mini Ritter Sports were comprised of four connected squares. Basically, they were a quarter of the size of a regular 16-square Ritter Sport bar.

The set of seven contained Marzipan, Knusperkeks (butter biscuit), Knusperflakes (cornflakes), Vollmilch 30% Kakao (milk chocolate, 30% cacao), Joghurt (yogurt), Haselnuss (hazelnut), and Nugat (nougat).

I’ve already reviewed the first three (hence the above links), so I’m only reviewing the latter four here. Vollmilch and Joghurt today; Haselnuss and Nugat on Friday.

Vollmilch turned out to have a nicely snappy break at the demarcated partitions, which was surprising for a 30% cacao milk chocolate. It had a tongue-coatingly thick melt, which I love in milk chocolate.

The flavor was rich with caramel notes and a sweet fruitiness to the finish. All in all, a solidly enjoyable milk chocolate. O.

I was excited about the Joghurt/yogurt bar. I gorged myself on the intoxicating tang of yogurt gelato while in Italy, and I loved the Milka Joghurt bar.

The Ritter Sport version did not disappoint. It had a soft break, and the sweet and creamy milk chocolate coating enveloped full pods of luscious yogurt filling.

The tangy yogurt was delicious, with a just-shy-of-sour finish, but I felt that it fell short of the Milka Joghurt bar’s exhilaratingly sour filling. Thus, the Ritter Sport version gets “just” an OMG.

Despite the comparatively lower rating, I still loved the bar and wish that it was readily available in the U.S. Can we make that happen? Please?

Mini Ritter Sport Round-up – Part II

Here’s the continuation of Monday’s review of Ritter Sport’s Schokowurfel. Monday, I reviewed the Creme Coco, the Mandel Split, and the Caramel Crisp.

Today, I’ll review the rest of the set: Crocant, Cappuccino, and Edelnugat.

I’m not exactly sure what Crocant means in German, but the onomatopoeia made me think of crunchiness. And I was right!

Crocant turned out to be a solid milk chocolate square with toasted rice crisps. It was basically like an uber Nestle Crunch bar, but it distinguished itself with a bit of extra sweetness to the crisps’ finish, like the crisps had been candied or caramelized. So it gets an OM.

Cappuccino was pretty self-explanatory. I appreciated that its outer wrapper was a beautiful cafe au lait color.

It was a milk chocolate bar with a creamy, lighter brown ganache inside. The square was very, very soft and very, very thick when melting in the mouth.

The cappuccino flavor did capture the essence of coffee, but I found it far too sweet, more Starbucks Frappuccino than Italian espresso. It could’ve been a great bite of chocolate had it not been so cloying. An O.

Edelnougat is the last of the set. I know what nougat is, and I know what edelweiss is, but I didn’t know what Edelnougat could mean.

It turned out to be a thick hazelnut ganache inside a milk chocolate shell. Like a good praline, this was mouth-coatingly thick and wonderfully nutty – a classic done well. An OM.

All in all, I was pretty impressed by the quality of this set. When I taste candy for reviews, I often limit my tasting to just a few bites, so this set was perfect for my needs. And I had enough leftover to share with friends, making this a highly recommended souvenir.

Mini Ritter Sport Round-up – Part I

My May trip to Italy meant a layover in Frankfurt, which in turn meant that I got to buy lots of Duty Free Ritter Sport. In fact, I managed to leave Europe with not one but two sets of mini Ritter Sport assortments.

The below Schokowurfel set had 6 varieties (Sorten?): Creme Coco, Mandel Split, Caramel Crisp, Crocant, Cappuccino, and Edelnougat. I’ll cover the first three today and hit the next three on Wednesday.

These tiny Ritter Sports were individually wrapped and each just one square big. They’re slightly larger than the square segments of a regular Ritter Sport bar. The size difference is especially noticeable in their height.

It wasn’t until after I’d eaten them all that I realized that I photographed one upside down. Oops.

Creme Coco came in a white wrapper. It was milk chocolate with a white coconut cream filling. The filling contained dried flakes of coconut that were crisp and just shy of crunchy.

The chocolate was soft and sweet and nutty. The two flavors played off each other beautifully, with the dusky sweet balancing out the crispy nutty coconut. I thought it was a lovely mix of flavor and texture. An OM.

It was pretty easy to guess at a translation for Creme Coco. Mandel Split left me lost with no clue what to expect.

It turned out to be milk chocolate on the outside with a white chocolate filling with a few peanut bits mixed in. The peanuts were quite flavorful, but I’ve never been a big fan of peanuts.

I respected the high quality of the ingredients that went into the Mandel Split, but I didn’t find it very exciting or special. To me, it just tasted like nice chocolate and peanuts. An O.

Finally for today, Caramel Crisp was easily comprehensible. It was milk chocolate with golden brown caramel-flavored filling.

At first I thought the filling contained rice crisps, but careful excavation revealed them to be thin flakes of unidentified crispiness. They had a nice complexity that made me think they could be honeycomb, or at least honeycomb flavored.

I really enjoyed the filling to this chocolate. It had nice caramelized/burnt sugar notes that I love in real caramel, but it had the solid texture of a grainy ganache. That plus the intriguingly delicious crisps earned this an OM.

Cybele reviewed this set several years ago on Candy Blog. Looks like the assortment has changed a little since then. Come back on Wednesday for the other half!

Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Bars: Ritter Sport versus Milka

I absolutely loved the Milka Joghurt bar when my roommate introduced me to it. Consequently, I snapped up every chocolate and yogurt bar that I could find in Italy, including these two strawberry yogurt bars.

One’s by Ritter Sport, and the other is by Milka, and I thought it would be appropriate to review them together.

The Ritter Sport bar was very soft and pliable. The yogurt was a creamy filling inside the milk chocolate Ritter Bar squares. As with all Ritter Sport bars, each square was stamped with the logo.

I loved the color contrast between the milk chocolate brown and the bright pink strawberry filling, the latter of which was flecked with darker pink bits of freeze-dried strawberry.

The milk chocolate was thick and on the edge of melting in my fingers as I tore the segments apart. And I do mean tore – it was that soft. The milk chocolate was great and tasted of caramel.

The strawberry filling was sweetly floral with an undertone of tanginess from the yogurt and flashes of sweetness every time I came across a bit of the freeze-dried strawberry. Those crunchy bits added bright sparks of flavor.

I enjoyed the flavor combination of strawberry and chocolate, but it was a bit too sweet and not tangy enough for my taste. I preferred the regular yogurt version.

The Milka Strawberry Yogurt bar was also soft and pliable. It, too, was segmented, though each segment was rectangular and stamped with the Milka logo rather than the Ritter Sport logo (of course).

The Milka bar was more muted in its coloring, so it didn’t look nearly as striking as the Ritter Sport version. It’s chocolate was lighter brown, and the strawberry filling was beige with pink bits.

This bar had a far more genuine strawberry yogurt flavor – it tasted just like the store-bought real deal! It had more depth and complexity, more fullness of flavor.

The filling had a light crunchiness, I think from real strawberry seeds. They didn’t add any flavor flashes, though.

The Milka bar’s chocolate was thinner than that of the Ritter Sport’s, and I thought it wasn’t as nice. It lacked the Ritter Sport’s caramel complexity.

Still, I liked the Milka bar better than the Ritter Sport because the filling had more spot-on strawberry yogurt flavor. But I also found it too sweet and preferred the tarter and tangier plain yogurt bar. Both get Os.

Ritter Sport Summer 2010 – Stracciatella

This is the last of Ritter Sports’ 2010 summer flavors that I picked up in Europe. The other two, Peach-Passionfruit Yogurt and Wildberry Yogurt, were reviewed earlier in the week.

Stracciatella is a flavor of Italian gelato that’s analogous to chocolate chip ice cream. I have to admit I didn’t try stracciatella gelato while I was in Italy – I was too busy eating yogurt gelato!

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