Zeke’s Butterscotch + Giveaway

I received this box of Uncle Zeke’s Old Fashioned Cracked Butterscotch, or Zeke’s Butterscotch, for short, as a free sample from the manufacturer. My only experience with butterscotch has been with the little gold Brach’s discs, and I didn’t know what to expect from the Old Fashioned moniker.

The butterscotch came in shards of various sizes dusted in powdered sugar to keep it from sticking to itself. It smelled liked buttery caramel with scorchy notes that were almost sour in their intensity.

The texture was really interesting – there was both a button and a sticker on the packaging with the instructions, “Suck, don’t chew!” I’m still deciding what I can do with my button for maximum humor impact.

The pieces were hard and, if broken sharply, would cleave with a smooth break. Once it warmed up in my mouth, however, it took on a stiffly pliable texture that increasingly softened as it warmed and melted.

It was just like a Now and Later in texture. If I had tried to chew it, it definitely would’ve gotten cemented in my teeth.

It had a round, buttery sweetness to it, with scorchy undertones in the finish. The flavor is reminiscent of Werther’s Originals but with a bit more complexity thanks to the high quality of the ingredients (real butter, pure cane sugar, and molasses) that went in it. It was definitely a far cry above the disc version.

This was an unusual and tasty treat to be slowly enjoyed in small doses. I sprinkled some in a recent batch of brownies that I made – SO GOOD! An OM.

If you’d like to try these for yourself, Zeke’s is letting me give away a box to one lucky reader. Leave a comment on this post about what I should do with my “Suck, don’t chew” button by June 13, 11:59 PM EST (let’s keep it PG-13, please). Make sure you put a working email address in the email field. Only I’ll be able to see it, and I’ll only use it to contact the randomly select a winner. U.S. readers only please.

And if you don’t win this giveaway, keep an eye on their Facebook page. It looks like they do giveaways through different blogs on a fairly regular basis.

  • Caley

    Haha, what a dilemma! Really, I think you should just use the button as it may have been intended and pin it on your shirt every day (when you aren’t going somewhere where you’d get in trouble, that is!)

  • amy marantino

    you should wear it to work… if your boss has a good sense of humor

  • paige

    You could post it at an orthodontist’s office. Chewing any hard candies with braces is bad news.

  • Margot C

    I don’t know, that button would probably be best saved for the appropriate environs, like the candy show.


    Cute. I have seen a similar shirt in Louisiana in regards to crawfish. So like they said above… try and wear it somewhere people will understand or be prepared for some odd looks. 🙂

    Great giveaway!

  • meredith

    reminds me of various adornments made to the free condom bins that the university health service supplied to the dorms in college 🙂 you could always have stickers printed up…

  • Doris

    I am not even sure what to tell you because I would be embarrassed to wear it myself just because of the assumptions people would think! lol

    I guess you could somehow pin a small lollipop by it, so they know what you are referring to! lol

  • Mariam

    I am thinking you can add it to any treat you are giving as a gift to someone, you can attach it.

    Just trying to be creative, but it is a tough one!

  • Wade

    It would be next to impossible for people not to have their mind in the gutter, but maybe you could put a scotch tape on the “Suck” and only sport the “don’t chew”. What u think? lol

  • Linda

    Maybe you can use it as a barrette in your hair, so it won’t be so visible? You can pin it on a hair band or something.

  • Eric

    It was fun reading the comments and ideas. I do not know what you can do with it. Just be prepared to face people’s confused expressions, I guess!