Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs

I found these Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs in Canada. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs and always try to snatch them up around Easter time, so I was super excited to try them with a popping twist.

Tiny print on the bottom of the wrapper called them, “solid milk chocolate eggs with popping candy in a crisp candy shell.”

On the outside, they looked identical to regular Mini Eggs – same tiny egg shape, same matte candy shell, same slight speckling. All the fun was hidden inside!

The milk chocolate was the same as that of regular Mini Eggs: lusciously thick and creamy with dusky, caramel tones. In the Popping Mini Eggs, however, that melt was interrupted by the texture of the popping crystals.

Those poppers added an crackly tickle in the mouth. For me, it was mostly experienced in the back of my throat.

The feeling was fun and rather surreal, like holding tiny live jumping creatures in my mouth. As far as I could tell, they didn’t affect the taste at all.

When I eat regular Mini Eggs, I like holding them in my mouth and letting the sugar shell melt away and meld into the thick milk chocolate within. With the Popping Mini Eggs, I preferred to crunch through the shell and chomp right to the popping-ness.

The popping was a fun addition to an already tasty treat. I can’t decide if I like these better than the regular version. I think the Popping Mini Eggs are fun, while the regular Mini Eggs feel more indulgent because it’s easier to experience their melt. These get an OM.