Chocolove Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate

July 15th, 2011 by Rosa

I recently attended the wedding of my boyfriend’s cousin. The wedding was held in Colorado, and the bride and groom chose to give their guests gift baskets with locally made treats and favors, including bars of Chocolove chocolate. That’s my kind of wedding!

The back of the Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate bar described its contents as “Chunks of almond toffee in smooth milk chocolate. Creamy milk chocolate releases chunks of buttery sweet toffee and dry roasted almonds.”

Thanks to summer in my non-air conditioned house, the 33% milk chocolate that was the base of this bar was very soft, almost like putty. It melted in my fingers.

The melt of the chocolate was lovely – thick and tongue-coatingly luxurious. It tasted of caramel and sugar.

The tiny bits of toffee distributed throughout the bar were the best part. They were dry and crunchy with a great scorchiness. The almond bits were visually indistinguishable from the toffee, but I was able to detect the light nutty flavor that they added.

My only complaint about this bar was that it was too sweet in the finish, with a cloy that burned the throat. Otherwise, I loved the mix of crunchy and thick, sweet and burnt and nutty. An OM.

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3 responses about “Chocolove Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate”

  1. cybele said:

    I keep picking up this bar thinking I’ll review it and every time it tastes rancid. I like Chocolove’s dark bars, but their milk always seems a little off to me. (But I was a huge fan of the Green & Black’s Peanut bar.)

  2. michele said:

    Delicious mix of toffee and almond. Nice gift to receive from attending a wedding.

  3. michele said:

    Also like the article on Cadbury Choclair – Blueberry. Never heard of it and I am a big fan of blueberries.