Fearless Chocolate – Super Seeds and Sweet & Hot

December 15th, 2010 by Rosa

On Monday, I reviewed two of my four free sample bars of Fearless Chocolate. Today, I’ll wrap things up with my review of their Super Seeds Hemp Chia Flax and their Sweet & Hot Hibiscus Ginger.

It really doesn’t sound any health fad crunchier than “Hemp Chia Flax.” This 70% raw organic bar was studded with the three seeds.

The seeds added a textural crunch to the sharp snap of the bar. They bring a light mild nuttiness to the bar and tamp down the fruitier side of the chocolate. Here it mostly of deep cocoa with light hints of sweetness.

I enjoyed the flavors and texture of this bar. Like the others in the line-up, there’s a bit more astringency to the finish, but I think that comes with the raw territory. An OM.

Sweet & Hot smelled overwhemingly of ground ginger with an undertone of sweetness. It tasted just like it smelled, with a few brightly sweet and sour flashes, and had a slight grit to its texture.

It had the most astringent finish of them all, which lingered so long that it needed a chaser to displace it.

I enjoy gingerbread, and ginger is a star of the Asian cuisine I grew up eating, but this was too much ginger spice for me. An O.

Fearless Chocolate has a lot going for it. The packaging is smart, and it fills a niche with tasty, well-made chocolate, with the plain Dark as Midnight bar being my favorite. They’re definitely one to watch for the future.

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