Albanese Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears

June 11th, 2010 by Rosa

Albanese makes my favorite gummi bears, so I was quite excited to see some of their chocolate-covered gummi bears turn up in my NCA pre-trade show goodie bag.

Albanese gave out their samples in hand-packaged candy dime bags, so I have no idea what the commercial packaging looks like. My guess is that they’re primarily a bulk bin treat, so they may not have commercial packaging.

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Each gummi bear was covered in a thin layer of chocolate. While the coating was far from perfectly smooth, the bears’ basic features and appendages remained distinguishable.

The chocolate cracked when bitten into. It’s not terribly decadent, but it’s decent quality for a milk chocolate coating – sweet, but definitely recognizable as chocolate.

I think the gummi bears inside are their 6-flavor bears (it’s unclear if the 12-flavors includes lemon. My Wegmans’ bears had lemon, but the current Albanese website doesn’t list lemon as one of the 12 flavors, so I’m playing it safe). I only got a handful of bears for sampling and still managed to get multiple colors. As expected by Albanese’s quality gummi standards, the gummi bears are brightly and distinctly fruit flavored.

The enjoyment factor provided by the chocolate-covered bears is highly dependent upon the color and flavor of the bear within. Some flavors (red/cherry) worked well, while others were a bust (yellow/lemon).

All in all, I think I actually prefer my Albanese bears nekkid, like I prefer my… never mind. An O, though high marks for effort!

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4 responses about “Albanese Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears”

  1. Sandra Benante said:

    The flavors of Albanese Chocolate Covered Bears are all chocolate friendly flavors- No Lemon that is for sure!!
    The 6 flavors are Raspberry, Apricot, Strawberry,Orange,Strawberry-Banana and of course the Marshmallow!!!

  2. deb said:

    I agree that the bears are great flavours, but how is the quality of the chocolate?

  3. Odpu Blog said:

    Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears…

    […] t factor provided by the chocolate-covered bears is highly dependent upon the co […]…

  4. Sandra Benante said:

    Albanese uses a high grade Chocolate from Wilber. If you know chocolate, you know Wilber is one of the very best available!!! The Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears are enrobed in Pure Milk Chocolate Cashmere!! YUM!!!