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Emily’s Chocolates Contest

October 14th, 2008 by Rosa

From the folk’s at Emily’s Chocolates (who I’ve worked with before):

In honor of this year’s Cranky Coworker Day, Emily’s Chocolates wants to hear the best cranky coworker stories! The most outrageous, funny, original, or inspiring story will win $150 worth of Emily’s Chocolates. Bringing these goodies into the office is sure to bring a smile to even the biggest sourpuss.

All stories must be submitted to by Monday, October 20th. The winning story will be posted on the Emily’s Chocolate website on October 23rd.  The winner will receive $150 worth of Emily’s Chocolates in time to celebrate Cranky Coworker Day on October 27th!

Who knew there was such a thing as Cranky Coworker Day? But hey, I’m all for free chocolate.

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