Wonka Squishy Sploshberries Gummies

Wonka’s Squishy Sploshberries Gummies are yet another new addition to Wonka’s Edible Garden of gummies. These, too, were in my free 16 lb bag of Sweets and Snacks Expo preview goodies, courtesy of the NCA.

I thought they were just berry-flavored gummies with foamy bottoms, until I tried one and discovered that they were berry-flavored gummies with foamy bottoms and liquid goo inside!

I do believe that liquid goo is the “splosh” component of the name. Though it could also be the “squish”, I suppose.

The Squishy Sploshberries came in raspberry, goji berry, cloud berry (apparently that’s a real thing), and blueberry flavors.

The gummies were all varying shades of a honey/amber color with a white foam gummi bottom and a gooey liquid center.

The foam gummi sort of had the texture of marshmallows and just tasted lightly sweet and fruity, while the inner liquid was thick, a bit grainy, and powerfully sweet and fruity.

Cloud Berry, the flower-shaped one, was the lightest colored of the bunch and was more yellow than orange.

I have no idea what cloud berries are supposed to taste like, but Wonka’s gummi version of it was great! It tasted like sweet white grapes, what some candy makers call muscat flavored.

Goji berry was strawberry-like in shape. While it tasted somewhat like strawberry candies, I also got some seediness to that I usually associate with raspberry candies.

The actual raspberry gummi took that seediness and gave it more depth. This one tasted more deeply of raspberry than the strawberry did and was covered in lots of bumps to look like the bottom of a real raspberry.

Blueberry looked like a weird leaf or a bunch of berries on a vine. I was blown away by how well Wonka captured the distinct flavor of blueberries – the flavor is spot on. And delicious!

I really enjoyed the Squishy Sploshberries. They were uniquely flavored, with flavors that were powerful and well done, and I loved the added flavor injection and textural contrast of the inner goo. An OM.