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Weird Pop Tart Flavors That You Would Love to Try

Hearing pop tart immediately replenishes our childhood memory of when the cream-filled wafers used to be one of our favorite snacks. Over time, we have forgotten the memories we created with this wonderful treat and the weird pop tart flavors that used to arrive occasionally.

However, the brands continue to be kids’ favorites, including the regular flavor; pop-tart currently sells 20 other flavors that you would love to try. We all have noticed the weird flavors in memes or advertisements, but our busy lives take those fantastic memories away. Don’t worry; we are here to restock your memories.

This article has covered all details about weird pop-tart flavors. You might have heard some of them, while some flavors never got popular and are known to few. Also, some flavors are available in the United States and not in the rest of the world or vice versa.

There is a lot to know about weird pop tart flavors; our in-depth research will make it easy to figure out the best flavor for you.

What is a pop tart?

For those who don’t know about Pop-tart, it’s an established brand since 1964, owned by toaster pastries, and initially sold by Kellogg’s. The snack has a creamy filling between two layers of wafers of pastry crust.

It is sold as pre-cooked frozen food that you need to warm it using a microwave, or even you can use a toaster to consume. Each pop tart is packed inside foil packaging that doesn’t require refrigeration.

Kellogg’s is a famous brand in America, and the company sells over a million units yearly. They are mainly distributed in the US but have a broad market in Canada, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Some regular flavors are available throughout the year. Still, pop tart maintains people’s interest by occasionally launching weird flavors that usually don’t last long but immediately becomes a hot topic among pop tart lovers worldwide. Due to this, you will find various memes, gifs, and funny videos of pop tart weird flavors on the Internet.

This article will make you aware of all those weird flavors that make the news every year.

Weird pop tart flavors exist

Now that you understand the pop tart let us quickly start our delicious yet weird journey of exploring the odd flavors that pop tart provides.

1. Watermelon

When Pop-tart launched the limited edition of the watermelon flavor, the fans separated into two parts. One said the filling tasted terrific; they liked the texture, watermelon taste, and fragrance the snack left in their mouth after consuming it.

While the other half of the fans opposed the fact saying that the filling was too sweet for them and didn’t like this experiment with their favorite pop tart. However, the number of people who hated the flavor was much more than one who loved it.

That’s because most people eat pop tart as their breakfast, and this flavor tastes like candy. It never got famous, but you can still purchase it from Amazon, taste it yourself, and figure out the side you belong to.

Weird Pop Tart Flavors That You Would Love to Try
Image Source: Flickr

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Here comes the next one on this list of weird pop tart flavors. The brand again made headlines when it launched the chocolate chip-based flavor. Most people never liked the idea of eating chocolate with crispy wafers.

However, the leading cause was pre-packed eggless dough of cookies tasted gritty. Also, the pastry-to-filling ratio is pretty low, and your first bite often ends with the wafers themselves. That’s why even people who love to eat chocolate don’t prefer this flavor much.

Like all other flavors, this one is readily available in the market. Try it to know if you like chocolate flavor pop tart or not.

3. Wild!Berry

It’s one of the most loved weird flavors of a pop tart. The flavor was released in 1996; since then, it has had a special place in pop-tart lovers’ hearts. This flavor comes with a delicious triple-berry filling with purple and neon blue frosting. If you want a wild pop tart experience, try great Wild!berry.

Most people say it tastes precisely like Trix cereals and is dyed purple for enjoyment and to provide a berry-like look. So, if you like Trix cereals, you will also love this flavor. The rest of other details can only be known after tasting it.

4. Pumpkin pie

If you like the taste of a pumpkin, you will surely love this pop tart flavor. Some bloggers mark it as the best they have ever tried in the brand. Kellogg’s revealed this flavor in 2010 and immediately grabbed people’s attention; many decided it was their favorite one.

The pumpkin pie flavor is topped with a tasty frosting sprinkled with orange, brown, and yellow. It’s so good that you might end up making this flavor your favorite, make sure you stock them as soon as they are available because it’s a seasonal flavor and may end before you know about it. So, hurry up!4

Image Source: Flickr

5. Maple Bacon

It’s another weird pop tart flavor but not as popular as the pumpkin pie. You will love the maple bacon flavor if you are a sweet tooth and love eating ice creams, pastries, or pancakes. Consume it like a desert, not like your regular breakfast.

This Pop-Tart flavor doesn’t include the natural maple. Instead, it contains an artificial maple-colored filling with white frosting and sprinkles that give a tiny bacon-like look. Most people love this flavor because it’s not very sweet; you can eat it as breakfast if you have a sweet tooth.

6. Orange Crush

The name itself sounds weird to me. Would you like to eat an orange-flavored snack for your breakfast? I won’t! But the rest of the world doesn’t think like me, and this flavor has a huge fan following in all countries where pop tart sells its products.

Despite being orange-flavored, people love the flavor because the taste of oranges doesn’t dominate the entire filling of the snack. Some reviews on Amazon said that it doesn’t taste like a natural orange but gives you a slight feeling of orange flavor. The flavor is not seasonal, so you can try it anytime to have your opinion on this.

7. Red Velvet

If you are a massive fan of red velvet cake and love the cheesy-sweet taste, then don’t think you can replace the fantastic taste with these weird pop tart flavors. Because it doesn’t taste like the red velvet cake at all, instead, this pop tart flavor includes frosting and little sprinkles for a tasty edition. Due to this reason, the taste doesn’t have many fans around.

Neither it’s good to have as a breakfast nor to consume as a sweet treat. Pop tarts tried to do something out of the box but failed to get a weird flavor in their experiment. You can easily find it throughout the year but taste it at risk.

8. Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry flavor got mixed comments, but it’s undoubtedly not for breakfast. It contains a creamy filling that tastes like airhead candy which makes it a perfect match for anyone in love with raspberry and airhead. The taste is far from real raspberries because of the artificial fragrance and colorings.

Due to low demand, Kellogg’s discontinued the production and distribution of the blue raspberry flavor in 2018. It only lived for three years.

9. Hot Fudge Sundae

It’s a good flavor for those who love vanilla ice cream and other vanilla products. These weird pop tart flavors include a chocolate crust with a soft vanilla filling and fudge icing inside; you get colorful sprinkles that enhance an overall tasting experience.

Hot fudge sundae also received mixed reviews; most people love this treat. However, it’s sweet and may be difficult for you to eat for breakfast. But you can always try it; the flavor is available throughout the year.

Weird Pop Tart Flavors That You Would Love to Try
Image Source: Flickr

10. PB&J Strawberry

Another weird pop tart flavor is PB&J Strawberry. The complete form of PB&J is peanut butter and jelly. This flavor was discontinued in 1986, and there is no chance of getting a pack of the same one to taste in 2022.

However, after 27 years for the people who loved the iconic flavor, Kellogg’s created a perfect mix of similar tastes, including peanut butter pop-tart and frosted chocolate peanut butter pop-tart. These flavors are readily available and will surely make you remember the good old days.

11. Root Beer

The last pop tart weird flavor on this list is root beer. Don’t worry because it has nothing to do with beer, and children can consume it without hesitation. A root beer flavor is like dipping hot Chocolate cookies in ice cream.

It tastes incredibly well, and professional tasters have put this flavor far above other weird pop tart flavors like the orange crush. It has a robust root beer flavor that leaves a fizz on your tongue. We recommend you try this one, which is readily available online.

How many flavors does pop tart have?

As per the latest 2021 update, pop tart currently sell 20 different flavors. Some are seasonal, while some of these flavors are available throughout the year. Some of the newest additions to the list of flavors are hot fudge sundae, s’mores, raspberry, and cinnamon pretzel.

If you are looking for a pop tart for your breakfast, we recommend you go with the regular flavors but if you want a different experience or something sweeter, choose one from these weird flavors. Make sure you research enough before investing in a new type.

From where can I purchase these weird flavors?

Most of the weird pop tart flavors are readily available throughout the year, and you can easily order them online from Amazon or any other marketplace. However, some seasonal flavors need to be grabbed as soon as they are available. Because Kellogg’s launches them in limited quantity, they immediately get out of stock if you don’t hurry.

Select your favorite weird pop tart flavors from the list we mentioned above, then check if it’s seasonal or not. If yes, you need to research for which season they usually arrive in to be prepared in advance. Once they are available, you can order them online or grab those flavors from your nearby supermarket.

Weird pop tart flavors memes

If you are a pop tart lover, you must have been through a series of memes, gifs, and funny videos related to pop tart flavors weird. Fans love to troll whenever the company launches a new flavor. Finding these memes in a google search is difficult; still, if you follow related pages on social media, you can quickly learn about the pop tart memes that occasionally go viral.

Due to this, you can find some permanent gif additions tart on some of the most popular websites like tenor or giphy. Even memes are a great way to know about the launch of any new pop tart flavor.

Final thoughts

The first pack of pop tarts was launched in 1964 with strawberry, cinnamon sugar, blueberry, and apple currant flavors. To date, some of these flavors are people’s favorites and are never willing to shift. However, up to an extent, pop tart has successfully moved the demand from regular flavors to weird ones.

These days most people wait for the launch of seasonal flavors throughout the year, and this causes an immediate supply shortage. They are making it difficult for most people to grab their favorite flavor.

With such a huge success, it’s also true that most pop tart flavors were a big failure that most people hated, and later, Kellogg’s discontinued their production and distribution. But despite all those failures, the company stands strong and always arrives with weird flavors that help them to maintain a curiosity and steady demand throughout the year.

So, among all these flavors, which one is your favorite weird pop tart flavor? Please let us know in the comments.