Week o’ News and Serious Eats Does PB and Chocolate

Today marks the start of my second week out of town for an fMRI training course. I wrote the first week’s (aka last week’s) reviews before I left, thinking that I’d write this week’s posts from Michigan. Turns out that 4+ hours of lecture and ~4 hours of MATLAB programming per day is mentally draining.

So I’m taking the week off of writing reviews. Y’all will get a full week of news posts instead, starting with today!

Serious Eats recently published two peanut butter and chocolate-themed posts. The first is a taste test of how well various Chocolove chocolate bars paired with peanut butter. The second is a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups with a secret ingredient – ground up graham cracker crumbs.

Anyone else craving a Reese’s right now?