Vosges Naga Bar

I’ve reviewed Vosges several times on this blog now, so it’s no secret that I love the brand but wish that it were more affordable. Then again, I guess it would be less special if it weren’t a splurge.

The Naga Bar, comprised of “sweet Indian curry powder, coconut flakes, and deep milk chocolate, 41% cacao,” is certainly special, thanks to its unique combination of ingredients. The blurb on the back boasts, “named and inspired by the tribes of Northeast India, taste the flavors of toasted milk, sweet Indian curry, nutty coconut, and an overall sensation of warm, rounded spice.”

Like all the Vosges bars in my mini library, this bar came sealed inside a silver bag inside the above box, which did its duty of preserving each bar’s flavors and preventing flavor mixing. Visually, the bar is quite pretty with all those abstract curves in its molding. The bar has a strong curry smell and a softish snap (it is milk chocolate, after all). There’s a slight graininess in the chocolate due to the coconut flakes, which are tiny and thin but still visually noticeable.

The curry flavor is definitely present, though it doesn’t taste as strongly as it smells. The coconut flakes pair well with the curry. I don’t know about the word “warm” to describe the spices, as I associate “warm” with the heat of chili spiciness, but I do get an overall mellow spice feel. It reminds me of Thai coconut curry.

Finally, the milk chocolate was on the sweet side but not overly so. I’d give this bar an OM. It’s nice, and I highly recommend it for the unique novelty factor, but it’s not a bar I would revisit for snacking purposes.