Trendy Party Wear Sarees

Trendy Party Wear Sarees To Up the Glam Quotient

Here comes the season for winter weddings and festivities and what better way to celebrate than to dress up like a million bucks, sharing joy and happiness! Sarees have always been an evergreen favourite when it comes to glamorous party-wear; nothing decks you up like a saree. If you’re looking at a string of parties to attend and looking for ideas, you should check out the latest trendy party wear sarees.

In the last couple of years, with the advent of experimentalism, designers have flirted with the idea of fusion and giving new faces to the perennial favourite saree. This experimentalism has trickled down so that everybody is on the hunt for the latest party wear sarees.

Ideas for a trendy party wear sarees for parties

If you’re racking your brain to find how you can pull off an Instagram worthy saree for that upcoming party or get-together, look no further. Who doesn’t love the elegance and sheer grace that only a saree can bring? Whether it be a bold red party wear saree or any simple party wear saree, the nine yards of this garment have the miraculous power to make any woman look and feel her absolute best.

No wonder it’s a consistent favourite amongst women for parties, wedding, rituals and soirees. But if you thought that the saree couldn’t be taken up any more notches, well you’re very mistaken! Whether it be high-end designers or Instagram influencers, this year’s seen everybody go gaga over finding the best trendy party wear sarees.

Here are the best ones that ruled red carpets, fashion shows, digital print, social media and the hearts of many aspirational women:-

  • Layer-it-up

Need to attend a business party in the chilly winters of Delhi or attend a winter wedding party? No more shivering in the cold when wearing that gorgeous saree; follow the latest trend of layering it up! Wear a stylish saree for the party and layer it with a blazer of a complimentary colour. You can even layer your saree by draping it over a lehenga and giving it a unique look.

  • Mix and match
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When experimenting to get the perfect party wear saree look, don’t be scared to push your boundaries. If you’re looking to make heads turn, a little mix-and-match is the way to go! Bend some gender stereotypes and look like a goddess as you wear a dhoti-style saree. Very much in vogue, this particular style is bound to make your most elegant self. Check out the hundreds of youtube videos, Instagram content and more that vouch for this style and show you how to ace it.

  • Buckle-up

Buckle up for the hottest trend when it comes toparty wear saree design! Use a bold, buckled and broad belt with your saree for the next party you go to and watch people get mesmerized! Not only does the belt do a great job at cinching your waist and accentuating it in a flattering way, but it also adds a modern and western touch to the saree. A broad belt with a shiny buckle has replaced the Kamar-bandh for many celebrities and designers.

  • Shine like a diamond

Sequined sarees have been amongst the most beloved heavy party wear saree trends. Whether it be PR events or A-lister weddings, celebrities are known to adorn the sequinned saree to glam up any event. Follow suit and pick a saree that makes you shine like a diamond all night long. Considering how glitzy sequin sarees can be, it’s best to go with softer shades. White, black and champagne-hued sequined sarees are amongst the most popular choices in this particular trend.

  • Ruffle-it-up

One of the best party wear sareeshas to be the ruffled saree trend. Ladies, whether it be deeper shades like burgundy, black and dark green, or lighter hues like lavender, pastel pink and beige, a ruffle saree can make absolutely any shade look out-of-the-world. It flirts with modernism and gives the ensemble a texture that can’t be achieved otherwise. Ruffled sarees look gorgeous with a chunky or metallic belt, so feel free to experiment and see what works.

  • Get it on with Chiffon
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Chiffon sarees party wear is a constant favourite amongst young women, and for a good reason! Chiffon sarees exude affluence and luxury. Dive into the world of lustrous, semi-transparent sarees and rock that upcoming party. Whether they be embellished, monochromatic, sequinned or multicoloured, chiffon sarees have an air of unparalleled class and raw magnetism that just can’t be beaten!

  • Best of both worlds

Silk sarees are the go-to choice for parties, but if you don’t drape them properly, you might end up looking slightly bulky. Cotton sarees are perfect for when you want to be comfortable and need to wear a saree for longer durations.

Cotton silk sarees form the perfect combination as they give you the best of both worlds. Partywear cotton silk sarees are just the right amount of heavy and you can wear them for parties or festivities without seeming like you went overboard. They’re also very comfortable, light and easy to drape. No wonder cotton silk sarees have dominated the season.

  • Let it bloom

Floral sarees are on this list because they are a powerful tool of femininity and look ethereal! Perfect for day-parties or day-events at a wedding, a floral saree can make it seem like spring even on the most chilly days. Add some dainty jewellery pieces to the ensemble, and you’re good to go! Organza floral print sarees are a huge hit this season, dominating the party wear designer saree genre.


The nine yards of a saree was styled many times in thousands of ways, but the essence of the garment remains untouched. The fact that a saree is difficult to drape, impossible to be bored of and magnificent to wear is why people experiment with it- so that they can find newer ways to make this garment their own. This party season, express yourself and your inner fashion-goddess through the sarees that you wear, and the trends that you imbibe. Once you’ve experimented with enough trends on the list, go out and make your trends!