Services to Merge PDF

Top 3 Services to Merge PDF

PDF files are used so that any data cannot be tampered. However sometimes it may happen that you receive different PDF files from different person. In order to get work from them you need all of them together! What can be done? The best way to sort the problem out is by merging PDF files. While it seems that merging file is the solution, you cannot do it without help of technology. There comes the need of merge PDF tools. They let you merge different PDF files with ease. If you search online you will find a number of tools for merging PDF but all of them are not handy and good to use. Apart from that you have to be careful about the data that you are using online. Thus, keeping in mind those parameters here are three such services to merge PDF that will help you merge your PDF files with ease and safely.

  1. CombinePDF

As the name suggest CombinePDF allows you to merge different PDF files with ease. It is free to use and you can merge the files by following simple steps. Unlike other tools available online these online toll does not has many functions to offer but it can merge your PDF files fast and securely.

After visiting the site you have to click on ‘upload files’ button. After that you have to choose the files that you want to merge and combine them into one. Once the files are chosen you can arrange them too by dragging them one after another. Once everything is completed click on ‘combine’ button and the task will be done. You can merge 20 files or images by using this free service.

  1. 2PDF
See also  Hiring the Right Construction Company is one of the most suitable PDF tool available online that allows you to do various functions related to PDF with ease. You can get the basic services for free. There are different functions available and Merge PDF is one of them that are easy to use.

For merging files you have to click on ‘Merge PDF’ option. The page that opens will let you drag and drop those files that you want to merge. After you have completed that all you have to do is click on ‘Merge PDF’ and the files will be merged. It’s simple to use and fast too. You do not have to worry about security of the files as the files will be deleted after 24 hours.

  1. IlovePDF

IlovePDF also allows you to merge PDF easily, fast and for free. It is one of the most promising PDF editing tools available online. The user interface is simple and easy and it let you merge the PDF files fast.

For merging your PDF files you have to visit their site and click on ‘merge PDF.’ There you can either drag and drop the required files or upload them from dropbox or your device. After it is completed all you have to do si merge the files and download it. That’s all. It simple and easy.