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The best ways to protect your skin from stress

The modern rhythm of big cities, accumulated fatigue, and the consequences of a not quite healthy lifestyle have a bad effect on our psychological state and skin. She can also experience stress and, as a result, acne appears on a nervous basis. Usually, with such problems, women turn to cosmetologists for a portion of dermal fillers. But how can you keep your skin healthy and to protect your skin? and prevent premature aging without injections? We will try to find answers to these questions.

Stress and its effects on skin condition- protect your skin

The polluted environment, the noise of modern cities, the radiation from smartphones – these and many other negative factors have become our constant companions. Few people do not face stress, which is already part of the modern pace of life. And this is a ?blow? to our well-being, a shock that causes a response from the body.

How does stress affect the skin of the face? Some in such a situation may be luckier – it only becomes dull. But not everyone gets off so easily. The reaction of the skin to stress can be very acute: acne, dryness, sensitivity, irritation, and inflammatory elements appear. When such symptoms occur, a natural question arises: how to protect yourself from the negative impact?

How stress affects the skin- protect your skin

Stress and facial skin are always interconnected. The effect occurs through hormonal reactions. Initially, the body produces the stress hormone cortisol. Such a surge gives a person new strength, which helps to resist negative manifestations. But we are all civilized people and in many situations, we hold back our bad emotions. They do not get a way out and begin to ?corrode? us from the inside. How does stress affect the skin? This is manifested in the following negative factors:

  1. Premature decrease in the synthesis of female and male sex hormones. Since they are responsible for the youthfulness of the skin, in this case, wrinkles from stress cannot be avoided. If they were before, then the process is aggravated – they become more noticeable.
  2. Breakdown of hyaluronic acid. This is facilitated by the enzyme hyaluronidase, which is produced when exposed to cortisol. Stress also activates the production of metalloproteinase enzymes that break down collagen and elastin.
  3. An increase in the number of inflammatory mediators that the body begins to produce under the influence of constant stress and overstrain. In this case, there is swelling of the face on a nervous basis. After the examination, there will be no positive allergic test for any substance. Then the patient may hear from the doctor that the allergy has developed due to stress.
  4. Decreased immunity, in particular, local. Therefore, rashes on the face on a nervous basis often accompany such a pathological process.
  5. Deterioration of blood circulation in the skin of the face, since vasospasm occurs during stress.

Taking into account these processes, it is worth noting such visual signs of the effects of stress on the skin as dehydration, itching, and red spots, which are similar to an allergic reaction. Beauticians also note that stress reduces the effect and duration of Botox, fillers, and mesotherapy.

Get rid of stress and protect your skin

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that there is no miracle cream that will help eliminate nervous skin problems if the stress continues. The following methods can help you deal with your feelings:

Massage. Any touching of the skin, stroking, or light tapping with fingers has an anti-stress effect. This is the so-called memory from childhood, when, after a fall, for example, my mother regretted it, and immediately it became easier.

Aromatherapy. Inhaling essential oils for just a few minutes a day calms our exhausted minds. This makes it possible to make the necessary send and reboot. Essential oils make it easy to achieve your goals: rose lowers blood pressure and relaxes breathing, frankincense helps to cope with domestic stress, lavender and lemon balm are indicated during periods of anxiety, rosemary is used when anxiety has become chronic.

Yoga classes, and moderate physical activity – have a positive effect on the emotional state. It can be swimming, dancing, going to the gym, cycling, etc. Frequent and long walks bring great benefits to the body.

Positive emotions will help get rid of stress and its effect on the skin. Everyone determines their source. It can be, for example, travel. If necessary, you should consult a psychologist. The specialist knows how to deal with the problem.

We normalize the lifestyle

To eliminate skin problems from nerves, you must follow this recommendation:

Adjust your diet. It is important to reduce the number of sugary foods consumed, excluding spicy foods, and fast food. In the diet, you need to introduce more vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Drink plenty of clean water regularly.

We follow the rules of home care

In order not to harm the skin, which is very vulnerable during this period, you must follow these recommendations:

  1. Use mild products. From the list of care procedures, traumatic scrubs and concentrated peels should be excluded.
  2. Restore the pH level and maintain local immunity, that is, tone the skin after cleansing.To make your skin appear and feel healthy, bright, and youthful, take efforts to lower emotional trauma and avoid stressful situations whenever possible. For even more comprehensive benefits, combine these healthy habits with the best anti aging products for your skin type.
  3. Actively engage in moisturizing, because, as already mentioned, the skin loses hyaluronic acid due to stress. You can, for example, apply moisturizing and nourishing masks. The tissue base with gel impregnation, which contains hyaluronic acid, does an excellent job.
  4. Use products containing antioxidants. With their help, you can protect yourself from the effects of free radicals, and restore the damage. It can be either a night cream or a mask. The skin will look fresh in the morning. Such funds increase its resistance to stress. Thermal water, which is part of their composition, saturates the tissues with minerals.