TCHO Coupon

TCHO is an American chocolate maker in San Francisco that I ran out of time and didn’t get to visit when I was in California last winter. When I say chocolate maker, I mean they make their chocolate from scratch, and when I say visit, I mean stop by their distribution center and buy a bar (they don’t give tours. Yet). From the looks of the website, you can no longer buy the bars in person and have to order them online.

If you’re curious and want to give them a try, from now until June 30th, the discount code newsletter1 will let you take 25% off whatever batch they’ve brewed up. Their batches are “cleverly” (or obnoxiously) named based on what phase of testing it’s in, what flavor profile it is, and where the beans are sourced. Blame the fact that the company got its start-up money from the founder of Wired.

I’ve never tried TCHO, but Cybele did. You can also read more about the company at The Chocolate Life.