Hi Chew Flavors Rank - Best HiChew Flavor

Hi-Chew Flavors: The Definitive Power Rankings

Considering that I’ve had thousands of Hi-Chews in my lifetime (I’m estimating here), I consider myself quite the expert of their many flavors. Ranking them can be like choosing between children, but if we are all being honest, some are just way better than others.

With this guide, I attempt to find the king of Hi-Chew. So without further ado, here are my rankings…

A list of all the Hi-Chew Flavors ranked from worst to best:

12. Chocolate



11. Cherry

Too syrupy and overpowering for my taste. As a single flavor pack, it’s too much. Hard pass.


10. Grape

Again, it kind of has that cough syrup vibe. I would say it’s less so than grape flavors of other candy, but this is not one I would actively seek out (if given the choice).


9. Melon

Coming in lower than you’d probably expect is Melon – this one just doesn’t really do it for me. Certainly a unique choice from Hi-Chew, these are honestly just as boring as the fruit itself. By the end of the Tropical pack, I’m usually left with nothing but melon. Pass.


8. Green Apple

Not much to say about Green Apple other than it’s exactly what you would expect. Not super sour, but not super flavorful, it lands in the middle of the pack without much distinction.


T6. Lime

T6. Lemon

It’s hard to rank one of these over the other. In an effective “tie”, Lemon and Lime give a strong showing mainly based on their sourness.


5. Strawberry

Can’t go wrong with Strawberry. A safe pick if you aren’t a Hi-Chew risk-taker.


4. Peach

Fans of peach flavor will find these Hi-Chews to be packed with that amazing taste. They have the essence of peach nailed here, which is why they are able to crack the top 5.


3. Banana

While I’m not the biggest fan of banana flavors in general, this one is definitely good enough to be one of my favorite Hi-Chews. With the island / tropical feel, banana is hard to find but definitely worth the buy.


2. Mango

Of all the Hi-Chew flavors, Mango is likely the most sought after, and for good reason! Try eating these alone, as you won’t want to share, and everyone will want one. Mango is a classic and was the best for a long time. Until recently…


1. Grapefruit

Clearly the standout from the Sour Hi-Chew flavors, Grapefruit beats the juggernaut that is Mango (for me). Both a unique flavor choice and packed with flavor, Grapefruit dethrones Mango to be the best Hi-Chew flavor on the market right now. Congrats to Grapefruit for the big upset.


Unranked Flavors (because I haven’t tried them yet):

  • Kiwi
  • Orange Soda
  • Cola

What do you think of my list? Feel free to leave your #1 choice in the comments!

Hi-Chew Bites: Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

For my latest review, I’m operating under the assumption that you’ve tried them already and realize they are awesome. The post will decide which flavor is better: Mango & Orange or Grape & Strawberry.

Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

Hi-Chew Bites

The battle for Hi-Chew supremacy

Now on paper, the battle may seem a little one-sided. Mango and Orange are the clear underdogs in this scenario. While mango is popular nowadays, I would still call it a polarizing flavor; you either love or you hate it. Orange on the other hand is one of the most boring flavors in existence. You can read more on my detest of orange in pretty much any of my reviews. Grape and Strawberry however are both unique, strongly flavored, fan-favorites.

But truth be told, Hi-Chew really excels with the flavors like mango and orange. Something about it. Now the candy itself isn’t as fun (you can have trouble telling which is an orange bite which is mango bite based off their colors), but the blend of the two is better than grape and strawberry. The latter doesn’t seem to work as a combination, and even the flavors by themselves are a little underwhelming. Anyone who has had the strawberry Hi-Chews plain can probably attest to this. The bag of strawberry and grape is definitely pretty though.

In conclusion, I’m going to have to award the 2016 Hi-Chew Bites trophy to: Orange & Mango. Congrats Orange & Mango; you made a great team.

Mixed both bags together

Now for the review of the candy, in general:

For those who haven’t had these yet, think of a smaller version of a Hi-Chew with just an outside that’s a little crispier – kind of like a Hi-Chew Skittle. If that sounds like something up your alley, I’m sure you are not alone. Starburst recently has done the same thing with their Starburst Bites.

However, what makes these more unique and, in my opinion, better is the fact that it’s a light candy-coating on the outside. It’s basically a soft Skittle with a delicious Hi-Chew inside. They are definitely a Hi-Chew candy, so don’t worry about them tasting different from anything that you are used to. It’s simply just another addition to the already strong brand. I highly recommend!


Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours
A bag of Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours

An interesting twist for the Hi-Chew brand that pays off brilliantly

What an amazing find. I usually find the individually wrapped Hi-Chew Tropical Mix at my local Daiso store. That version is always there, but the bag has a banana flavor that I really do not like (a rant for another review). However after a recent visit, I saw they had a new addition to the aisle on top of the tropical bag–Sour Hi-Chews.

I instinctively bought as many bags as I could, as I knew they were made just for me. I opened them in the car. Needless to say, the whole bag was gone by the time I arrived home. I won’t disclose how long (or short) the car-ride was.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hi-Chew, it’s a Japanese candy brand. It’s American comparison is most obviously Starburst. Instead of squares though, Hi-Chews are more rectangular but are about the same size in volume (if I had to guess Hi-Chews are a little bigger). Think “Starburst log” and you have a Hi-Chew.

Naturally, as you may have gathered from the name, they are also chewier than Starburst too. A candy like this probably isn’t recommended for anyone with fillings. The average piece probably takes on average 30 seconds to chew and swallow. However, the chewiness is not at all stale; in fact, there’s a softness to all Hi-Chew that make them superior to Starburst in my opinion.

It certainly helps that their flavors are also both distinct and authentic. I can’t think of a single flavor that they don’t do well. Each one is juicy and delicious.

A normal pack of Hi-Chews comes in a sleeve of one flavor. However these individually-wrapped Hi-Chew bags always come in a pack of about 15 or so with three flavors. The flavors are usually evenly distributed but sometimes you will get unlucky with a pack that is unfairly loaded–it’s just the luck of the draw really.

Hi-Chew Sours Flavors
Hi-Chew Sours Flavors

As for the Sour bag of Hi-Chew, the 3 flavors are ranked as follows:

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Lemon
  3. Lime

Grapefruit is a super unique flavor that you don’t see executed well that often. Of course, Hi-Chew pulls it off by making it more sour than bitter. That being said, you still get that bitter quality of a grapefruit in candy form–I really don’t know how they do it.

The lemon flavor is zesty, while the lime definitely disappoints. It’s almost as if they toned down the sourness of an actual lime to make the flavor more tame and manageable. Unfortunately, that scaling back really takes away from the flavor overall to point where it’s almost bland.

Ultimately, the 3 flavors together come together to become one of new favorite candies. I can’t recommend these enough for sour-lovers and Hi-Chew lovers. The Grapefruit flavored one is really something special!


P.S. Here’s a little note for you all who haven’t eaten these individually wrapped Hi-Chews before: You can squeeze one of end of the wrap and essentially “pop” the candy into your mouth. The wrappers are pretty filmsy, so you won’t struggle if you want to open them one by one normally, but this a quick and efficient way to eat these kind of packs (even though it may be a little annoying to others)!