Swiss Petite Fruits

In addition to the malted milk balls I reviewed last week, I also got free samples of Swiss Petite Fruits from Oh Nuts!, per my request. The tiny fruit candies looked so cute and tasty on the website that I just had to see them in person.

Honestly, I found myself disappointed at how they looked at first glance. I had imagine adorable little Runts-sized fruit candies. Instead, the Swiss Petite Fruits were more grape to gumball-sized, making them less cute and more normal. And while I was impressed at how the lemon, orange, and pear were pretty true to the form and texture of their larger, real fruit counterparts, I found that the bananas (neglected in my photo, the long yellow tube in the Amazon photo) and apples (light yellow-green spheres) to be insufficiently cute.

As best as I could tell from taste and shape, the fruits were banana, orange, lemon, cherry, raspberry, grape, apple, and blueberry. They all consisted of the same white innards covered by a varying colored shell. That meant they all tasted of a sweet, vaguely citrus-y sugar bomb with a bright, rotund, Jolly Rancher-y finish of whatever the fruit was supposed to be. The lemon and orange were my favorites, as their citrus tangs went nicely with the sugar bomb innards. Banana wasn’t great, but at least it didn’t taste that banana-y (I hate banana Runts).

I hated the Swiss Petite Fruits. I also couldn’t stop popping them. I would eat one and blanch at the intense, cloying sweetness while simultaneously enjoying the fruity finish. And then, about thirty-seconds or so later when my palate recovered, I’d be overcome with the urge to pop a second. And a third. Then I’d have to go drink some water and maybe brush my teeth.

If you really like super sweet things, I suggest you give them a try if you ever find them in a candy store bulk bin or something. I give them an O. Even though I found them sort of addictive, I also couldn’t eat more than three or four at a sitting.