Sweetriot Chocolate Review

Sweetriot – Pure 70% and 85% Chocolate Bars!

Today I’m reviewing the rest of my free samples of Sweetriot’s new riotBar line: the pure 70% and pure 85% dark chocolate bars. I covered the 60% dark chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs on Wednesday.

Sweetriot Chocolate Bar - 70% Dark Chocolate

Like the 60%, both of these bars were too lightly scored to be useful for clean snapping. The 70% (top) had a sharp initial snap but softened as it was chewed.

Sweetriot Chocolate Bar - Fair Trade, Organic

The melt was smooth and matte. It started off lightly sweet before developing a hint of bitterness, then finishing with a brighter, fruitier sweetness than the start.

There was a bit of astringency to the end that made me want a drink of water afterward, but it was mild enough to not be off-putting. An OMG.

Sweetriot Chocolate Bar - 85% Dark Chocolate

The 85% was even snappier. The melt wasn’t much fun, as it was very dry and astringent.

The flavor profile began with a sharply bright fruitiness that was quite vibrant. The finish, however, was quite astringent and left a lingering bitterness that I didn’t care for. An OM for the strong start, at least.

For an organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate bar, we highly recommend either!