SSE House of Blues Party

While I’m still out of reviewing shape thanks to my cold (I blame air travel), I thought I’d fill in some more details about the Sweets and Snacks Expo.

On Tuesday night, Emma and I got to go to the House of Blues industry party. The party itself was sponsored by Hershey’s, Wonderful Pistachios, and Just Born. We got in free, courtesy of Just Born, who used the evening to further promote their Mike & Ike split and debut Mike’s music video:

In addition to an open bar, there were pistachios and Mike & Ikes and Ice Breakers scattered all over the place. In case you didn’t get enough sweets at the Expo. The second and third floors were off limits to us plebians, so I can’t report on what was up there, but really, we had the best seats – floor seats! – for the awesome band that was playing.

I am now a newly minted fan of Here Come the Mummies. They’re a Southern-style jazz/funk band that performs as mummies. And man, can they perform! They just exude energy and charisma through their bandages.

Warning: If you watch the above video, the tune will get stuck in your head. Here Come the Mummies was the highlight of my Chicago visit, and I’m happy that I got a chance to see them. As an added bonus, I got a chance to see candy people dancing as well. Good times!