Splendid Chocolates – Milk Chocolate with Ginger and Pink Himalayan Salt

On Monday, I covered Splendid Chocolates‘ milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt. Today, I’m reviewing their milk chocolate with ginger and pink himalayan salt. Both were free samples handed to me at Sweets and Snacks.

Like its toffee breathren, the ginger and pink himalayan salt bar was segmented into rose stamped rectangles on one side and prettily swirled and sprinkled with stuff on the other.

In this case, the stuff was candied ginger. If the pink salt was there, it was no longer visible, unless it was what had dyed the white chocolate swirl pink (I’m pretty sure food coloring did that, not pink salt).

The milk chocolate was on the sweet side for my taste, again. This time, however, the sharp bite of the candied ginger served to temper that sweetness a bit – or at least distracted from it.

The ginger was sweet yet powerfully punchy. It wasn’t spicy in a hot chile pepper way, but it was incredibly spicy in that it tasted like the essence of ginger spice.

The bite of the ginger was the dominant flavor here, and it lingered in the back of my throat. If the Pink Himalayan Salt added anything, I didn’t notice it after the wallop of ginger.

I’ve never really much cared for ginger candy, which is sort of odd because I love pickled ginger and gingerbread. The combination of chocolate and ginger was fun for a bite or two but ultimately not a taste experience I’d repeatedly seek out.

Friends of mine who love ginger, had high praise for this bar. It gets an O from me but also an urging to check it out if you’re a ginger lover.

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