Small phrases

Small phrases with huge effect: forget about these stereotypes

We all, one way or another, live with certain stereotypes with Small phrases. The prejudice about people according to any criteria – from nationality and gender to occupation and favorite hobby – inevitably generates many clichés in our minds. Of course, the general conventions of each person depend on plenty of factors. His country of residence, level of education, and even religion plays a crucial role there. Still, there are some patterns we can meet almost everywhere. Even in the 21st century – the characters, duties, and professions are often divided into male and female. 

For this reason, we decided to analyze the most common misconceptions about how heterosexual relationships are built and how men and women “typically” behave in them. After all, if you don’t want to become a victim of stereotypes and have a harmonious relationship with your partner – you need this knowledge. Since it is essential to understand how the most common clichés and Small phrases work and whether they already harm your romance.

All women want to have children- Small phrases

This prejudice primarily concerns you if you are dating a sexy Russian bride Because you can hear this opinion about Slavs on every street corner. However, the desire to have a baby is definitely not the, by default, built-in option – neither for ladies nor for guys. You can, of course, argue and confirm by personal experience the falseness of this statement. For sure, the naturalness of such a wish is irrefutable. But this does not negate the fact: not all people want children – and gender has almost no effect. So, it’s highly advisable to discuss this subject with your girlfriend before deciding to get married. 

Men want sex, while women dream of true love

Simply put, porn is for guys, romantic novels – for girls. All this creates a fertile ground for a typical gender cliché. In which – males have ascribed the need for sex without any special feelings, and females are allowed to have physical contact only with those they love. 

The modern world, where ladies have become freer in the right to dispose of their bodies – has changed. They don’t have to get married after being intimate with someone, and even – horror, can have one-night stands if they like. It proves that the statement mentioned above is nothing else but a stereotype. The only thing you can do here is – accept the new rules of society. 

By women, no often means yes

On the Web you can even find funny lists – with a comparison of the words an average girl says and what she really means. Therefore, it is considered the norm for men to speak directly, bluntly without a double meaning. So if, for example, your girlfriend says an absolutely clear no – then this denial within the framework of this stereotype – could be perceived as a flirtatious yes! 

As a result, partners in the couple hardly find a compromise. Guys try to read between the lines all the time or simply decide that all attempts to understand a woman are pointless. While females, on their part, consider males to be one-dimensional, non-reflective creatures. 

Women always want to change their men

Achievement of this goal allows the usage of all possible methods. The integral part of it is hysteria, tears, endless pleas to do something, or, on the contrary, to stop doing something. But is it so?

In fact, if you look more broadly, mental imbalance or selfishness – all these unpleasant features of human characters – can be inherent in anyone and everyone. They are universal, and all people need to control their craving for manipulation, regardless of gender.