Silicone sex toys versus glass sex toys – what is better?

In the world of sex toys, there is always something new, something modern and improved, or something innovative being launched. When it comes to the bedroom, you may not know which or what you should be adding to your arsenal to spice things up, because there are so many options out there now. Furthermore, unfortunately, most brands make your purchases non refundable or non returnable. This does make sense due to the nature of the product, but it can make it feel intimidating in terms of understanding what you should purchase for yourself, especially if you want to experiment with something new. It can feel like a lot of pressure for no reason, and your money is valuable! How do you determine what to try and what to pass on?

If you have been looking at new sex toys recently, you’ve probably seen the surge in glass and silicone toys. If you are wondering what is the best option for you, and why, we are here to help.

Silicone sex toys

Silicone sex toys are one of the most popular types of sex toys, widely known and widely available. 

Why are silicone sex toys so popular?

  • Silicone sex toys are easy to clean 
  • They are non toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Silicone toys have a pleasing feeling and sensation
  • They come in a variety of feelings, can be firmer or softer
  • Non porous, which means you can share with your partner

All of these points make silicone toys a phenomenal choice for anyone who is looking for a sex toy to add to their collection. Plus, most silicone toys are also vibrators, which is a huge plus if you enjoy that fun vibrating experience down there.

The con of a silicone sex toy is that it isn’t usually compatible with silicone lubricants. This is important because silicone lubricant is what most condoms have on them, as well as one of the most popular lubricants on the market. You can use oil or water based lubricants with them, but it is still worth noting and keeping in mind. If you’re wanting to use a condom on your toy, you have to verify what lubricant is on it to avoid ruining the integrity of your toy.

Glass dildos

It seems like no one talks about glass sex toys. They really are the underdog of the sex toy market. There is this misconception that a glass dildo could break off inside you and create issues, but in reality, glass toys are durable and made of a specific type of glass that doesn’t easily break or chip. Now, you definitely need to check for chips/cracks every now and then (especially if you drop it) but stop thinking of a horror scene in your mind! 

Glass sex toys are also almost always artistic in design, making them fun to buy and look at. They are sculptural, designed with curves, patterns, ridges, and honestly they are just so pretty! They are true works of art that genuinely add to the fun of using them.

What makes glass superior for sex toys?

  • Just like silicone, glass is non-toxic, as well as hypoallergenic
  • Glass is non porous, meaning it is sanitary and easy to clean
  • Glass dildos are super durable and long lasting
  • They are fun to use with temperature play
  • Glass sex toys are way more environmentally friendly
  • They have a heft/weight to them that adds sensation

So, glass shares many of the same perks, qualities, and points as silicone. What makes it any different or superior? Glass dildos stand out in terms of temperature play and lubricant ability. If you enjoy cold or warm touch with toys, you can easily run a glass toy under warm or cold water to add to that sensation and make you quiver with excitement. You can also use any kind of lubricant you want – so if silicone lubricant is your go to, then a glass toy is your best bet. 

Glass material sex toys are amazing, but keep in mind they don’t typically make vibrators out of glass, only dildos. This may be one determining factor in choosing glass over silicone. If you desire vibration, then silicone may be the clear winner over glass. 

So which is better, glass or silicone?

Well, the reality is, we can’t tell you which to pick, but we can give you pointers. Do you prefer silicone lube? Then pick a glass dildo! Do you prefer a vibrator over a dildo? Then pick a silicone toy. Both are non porous, easy to clean, and fun to use. You really can’t go wrong with either one. Plus, both can be shared with your partner, to add in some extra fun play to your sex life. Still not sure? Why not buy both!