Chocolate covered popcorn for cheap(er) and dark chocolate news

Here’s how to get a great deal on overpriced chocolate covered popcorn from Dale and Thomas! Go here for a free $20 gift card. Then go here to pick out your popcorn. The six-pack sampler is the cheapest at $28. I personally chose Chef Ed’s favorite variety because I have a huge weakness for kettle corn, but there’s also a best-sellers sampler and a chocolate lover’s sampler. Then, when it’s time to check out, use the code E11X5S1T for free ground shipping. Ta da! $8 for gourmet popcorn.The best part is, you can have them ship it at a later date. I’ve requested mine to ship the week after Thanksgiving so that it’s not languishing in the UPS office while I’m home for break. Can’t wait until it comes!

And in candy news, here’s scientific proof that dark chocolate is better than white chocolate and a list of places to go for chocolate in NYC.

Speaking of chocolate in NYC, the Chocolate Show is this weekend. I’m going out of town on Saturday with the band, plus I can’t really afford the cost of the admission (alas, no one responded to my email inquiry as press) on top of the train ride to and from the city, and I’ve heard that it’s crowded and not that great. But drop me a line if you do! I’d love to hear about it.