Sarris Candies - Cashew Meltaway

Sarris Candies Pecan Truffle + Cashew Meltaway [Review]

Today I’ve got two more treats that I picked up in Pittsburgh from local candy maker Sarris Candies: Pecan Truffle and Cashew Meltaway.

First up: Sarris Candies Pecan Truffle

The packaging on the Pecan Truffle was misleading. The image on the package showed a prettily striped square truffle treat, similar to the S’mores bar that I reviewed last week.

Sarris Candies - Pecan Truffle

Instead, the chocolate bar within was just a plain rectangle, though its top was prettily wavy. The cross-section wasn’t quite so chock full of nuts either.

The bar had a milk chocolate shell that was thickly creamy and quite sweet. Inside that shell was a top layer of dark chocolate truffle filling. While the truffle filling was also thick and creamy, it was softer and had a fatty feel as it melted.

Sarris Candies - Pecan Truffle

Finally, there was some itty bitty pieces of pecans below the dark truffle filling. I found their taste to be on the raw side and would’ve preferred a roastier nut. Because I wanted more nuttiness from something that was supposed to feature pecans so prominently, an O.

Next up… Sarris Candies Cashew Meltaway

The Cashew Meltaway had a minimalist silver wrapper with text but no pictures. Inside, the Cashew Meltaway bar looked pretty much like the Pecan Truffle – a rectangle with a wavy textured top.

Sarris Candies - Cashew Meltaway

Like the Pecan Truffle, this had a milk chocolate shell. Unlike the Pecan Truffle, however, the truffle filling inside the Cashew Meltaway was also milk chocolate.


I thought the truffled milk chocolate tasted more caramelly with some vanilla undertones as well. It was sweet and creamy, like the milk chocolate shell, but softer in texture.

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The cashew bits were sharply crunchy and added a hint of nuttiness. I liked their nuttiness more than the under-flavored pecans.

Sarris Candies - Cashew Meltaway

Though this won points for being nuttier, it lost points for being too sweet after more than a couple of bites. After a while, it made my throat burn. An O.

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Sarris Candies Pecan Truffle + Cashew Meltaway
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