Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnut

This is the second of the Ritter Sport bars that I bought in Spain. Those two made me want to try more, so I did. I picked up a couple more at Target (they were only $1.99!), which gave me enough bars to make this a Ritter Sport review week.

The Dark Whole Hazelnuts (or Negro con Avellanas Enteras) was a dark chocolate Ritter base “with hand selected whole hazelnuts”.

You know how some things promise whole hazelnuts, or almonds, or peanuts, or whatever, and there are always a few broken ones mixed in? Admirably enough, every hazelnut in this bar remained intact. Well, until I chomped into them, that is.

And there were lots of them too! The bar was generously studded with whole roasted hazelnuts. Their dry roasted nuttiness contrasted well with the smooth dark chocolate.

This bar was a deconstructed Nutella/gianduja. It made it easy to appreciate how well chocolate and hazelnuts go together.

The chocolate itself was fairly simple, a dark chocolate that lacked complexity. It had a lightly sweet finish, but that was about all I got in terms of its flavor profile. Still, it was tasty enough to do what was required of it – balancing out but not overpowering the hazelnut. An OM for the decently executed combo.