Ritter Sport Cornflakes

This Ritter Sport bar came from Target. At $1.99, Target’s Ritter Sport bars are the best deal I’ve ever seen.

I was a bit surprised to see that Target carried the Cornflakes bar, “with crispy-crunchy cornflakes”. It’s an unusual combination to find in the States, but a tasty one!

The cornflakes were more or less horizontally layered within the milk chocolate bar. They endowed it with a lovely crunch, creating an all around lovely texture when added to the thick and creamy milk chocolate.

It’s similar to the more familiar chocolate and rice crisps combination but with a much sturdier bite and a stronger grit that doesn’t melt away and disappear as quickly as rice crisps do.

The milk chocolate was dusky with a lovely complexity and edge to it, and the cornflakes added an almost nutty depth of flavor that made this bar a great treat. It’s pretty addictive, mostly thanks to the extra-special crunch. An OM.