RealTime Gaming Casinos (RTG)

RealTime Gaming Casinos (RTG) is a software used on online casino sites to enhance slot games. If you wonder what an RTG casino is or what it could do for you, you should read to the end. RTG is one of the most popular casino gaming third-party software. It was established in 1998 to help enhance payouts on slot games. Their motto reads “Take Gaming Serious.” that is precisely what the RTG does. It takes gaming seriously. Some of the reasons why you should opt-in for this software are high quality and enhanced speed. However, this might not sound interesting to you, but if you are an online casino gambler, you’d know better. A broader picture of the advantages of the RTG software is drawn below.?

Reasons why you should install the RTG casino software:

  • Outstanding Compatibility:

As an online slot game gambler, you’d find the RTG available as downloadable casino software, compatible with many operating systems. It can also be available as an instant play casino. Be sure to note that the instant play casino uses flash to offer you impeccable playability, instant connectivity, best speed, and impressive graphics. Peradventure you play on the go; RTG is also available for mobile devices. You can play it anywhere at your convenience on your smartphone or tablet.?

  • Wide range of availability:

Unlike other software like Playtech or Microgaming that’s hard to find in the United States, RTG is everywhere. An interesting fact about online casinos in the United States is that there are lots of loop-holes before attaining legality. RealTime gaming understands this and has capitalized on them. Hence, reasons why they are readily available online compared to other software technologies. RTG is not just available in the United States alone; it’s also available in other countries from Canada to Australia and the United Kingdom, amongst others.?

  • Huge Progressive Jackpots:

Although RealTime gaming was not the first online casino software to offer progressive jackpots, they are the best. The biggest progressive jackpots you’d find on online slot games are from RTG.

Some jackpots are as massive as $35 million to $40 million. Comparing with other software that offers an average of $1 million, you’d see the difference is enormous. However, $1 million jackpots are not bad, but we’d prefer you chose a $40 million jackpot. If you want to play slot games with RTG software.?

  • Secure Encryption:

This is another reason why you should try slot games with RTG software. They have their encryption system, which offers maximum security. You don’t need to be bothered about your deposits and withdrawals when playing slot games. The software runs on a minimum of 128 bits encryption network operated with a vast security system. Your money is always safe with online casino slot games with RTG software.

  • Outstanding graphics and sound:

As mentioned earlier, you enjoy impressive graphics on slot games with RTG. You won’t understand the benefit of this if it’s your first time playing online slot games. Peradventure, you have played online slot games, and while playing, you were almost unable to see your screen. Perhaps you’d appreciate RTG software better. It gives users more than just ordinary 3D effects. The graphics and sound are top-notch quality compared to other similar software. While you are indoors playing slot games, RTG makes you feel you are on-land at a casino house playing physically. It connects you physically to the game via the graphics and the sound, making it almost real.

  • Welcome bonus:

Before choosing any online casino, be sure you find one with a welcome bonus. Suppose you don’t know where to get one, or it’s your first time in the gambling community, you need not worry.? Check out a reliable site like casino genie; is your best plug, they offer a wide range of online RTG casinos with massive welcome bonuses for new members. If you are already into gambling or online slot gaming, you will get promotional offers as well. Not all online casinos have the RTG; in fact, RTG is not found in most casinos in the United States because of the difficulties in legalization. Hence, ensure you read the terms and conditions of every website before choosing. It becomes more comfortable if you could visit casino genie. You need not be anxious as to if you’d get a welcome bonus or if it’s secure with maximum system encryption.?