QQ Gummis – Part I

I picked up these bags of QQ Gummis in China. Each bag contained just one flavor. I had to visit a few stores to get this assortment – most stores only had a handful of flavors.

I ended up with a rainbow of 8 altogether: Strawberry, Lychee, Peach, Orange, Pineapple, Green Apple, Blueberry, and Grape. I definitely had some fun arranging the bags for photos. I’ll review the first 4 today and the other 4 on Wednesday.

Strawberry was very cutely shaped with the imprint of a little stem and seeds. It had a strong, sweetly strawberry scent and taste. It was a little artificial but mostly enjoyable.

Lychee was my hands-down favorite, though it had the least impressive shape (it’s the golden knobby one in the center). It smells just like canned lychees, and the flavor is spot-on as well – it tastes just like it smells! The chew was nice and sproingy.

Peach is the pink button on the top right. It sort of looks like a round peach on a stem. It’s sweet and floral, lacking all tartness, more like a white peach. This is on the stiffer side of gummi textures.

Finally, orange is shaped like a little citrus wedge. It has a lightly medicinal bite with a mildly sweet citrus flavor. Alas, it smells more like citrus than it tastes.

A nice set of fun flavors. Lychee is the only one that I would crave enough to buy again, so it gets an OM. The rest get Os.