Pop Tart Gingerbread House to Prepare for Christmas

Pop Tart Gingerbread House to Prepare for Christmas

You might have seen the pop tart gingerbread house on the Internet and wondered why people prepare these fun-looking houses. Can you even eat them? Well, those famous gingerbread houses are full of creativity. Now and then, you will find new pictures of these houses floating on the Internet that keeps your interest alive.

Suppose you are a pop tart lover obsessed with creating those houses as a fun project or an experiment for Christmas. In that case, this article will help you with all the required information to make a tasty and impressive pop tart gingerbread house on your first attempt.

We also mentioned some important points you must remember with the recipe. Make sure you read till last to understand everything you need to prepare a delicious gingerbread house.

Is Pop-tart gingerbread a flavor?

Yes, Kellogg’s gingerbread pop tarts used to be a flavor that came with the richness of cinnamon and ginger. It was one of the longest-running flavors of pop tart that mostly came unfrosted.

The low sugar level and a pinch of ginger made it a delicious yet suitable treat to eat for breakfast. However, the flavor was discontinued by Kellogg’s.

Still, if you want to see how it looked, search for pop tart gingerbread house images on the Internet and browse them. Some old-school designs that look like a cursed pop tart flavor will appear, but they used to be real.

Pop tart gingerbread house recipe was derived from this flavor where people used the unfrosted pastries to make their recipe. They used to prepare homemade icing as a frosting to stick ingredients to make their house look incredible.

Currently, the flavor is unavailable in the market, but the recipe has made a special place in people’s hearts, and it’s no longer compulsory to use the old flavor. You can prepare the pop tart gingerbread house using your favorite flavor. We have explained the process below.

Pop tart gingerbread house images

Before you start collecting ingredients to prepare the recipe, please browse some pop tart gingerbread house images on the internet to get an idea to decorate your house properly because everything is about the presentation. Your home must look good, and only people will praise you for your efforts.

If you are unsure after browsing the images, try watching some YouTube videos. We have searched a few and found that people have done a lot of creativity with their gingerbread houses. However, make sure you take ideas, and please don’t copy.

Now that you understand the basics let us quickly start with the recipe to prepare a beautiful and delicious pop tart gingerbread house that your friends and family would love as a special treat for Christmas or any other occasion.

Pop Tart Gingerbread House to Prepare for Christmas

Pop tart gingerbread house recipe

You need to arrange ingredients to prepare three items for the recipe. It includes the house, frosting, and decorative items to finish perfectly. Here is the list of ingredients, and make sure you arrange them all.


  • Seven pop-tarts of your choice of flavor for the base and walls of your house
  • Powdered sugar (180gms) or ½ cup
  • Tap water 2-3 tablespoons
  • Meringue powder, one tablespoon
  • Toppings for decoration may include Sparkling Sugar, Sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate, candy canes, M&M’s, frosted animal crackers, etc
  • You are free to choose the toppings of your choice


Once you have arranged all these ingredients, assemble them to get the perfect-looking pop tart gingerbread house.

Royal Icing

It’s good to prepare the royal icing initially because we will need it throughout to stick pop-tarts and other ingredients on the house. Mix the meringue powder and powdered sugar in two tablespoons of water.

You may mix it by hand or use an electric mixer but make sure you beat it properly to make the icing smooth. Add one more tablespoon of water if the icing is too dry and unsuitable for sticking.

Start preparing

Once you prepare the icing, it’s time to prepare the gingerbread house. Here is how you do it:

  • Cut two pop-tart pieces into a triangular piece from the top
  • Discard or eat the remaining parts
  • Take two pop tarts for the sides, and make sure they match the height with your already trimmed triangular pieces of pop tarts
  • You will need two whole pop-tarts for the roof
  • The last pop tart is for the chimney and gives that much-needed effect of a natural home
  • Cut one pop tart into four similar pieces (perfect for chimney size)
  • Cut two triangular pieces of pop tarts from the bottom to fit easily on the triangular roof
  • Check the pop tart gingerbread house images to clear the confusion. It’s okay if it’s not perfect because you can cover it with ingredients but make sure it’s there
  • When you trim pieces, pipe the icing on the edges of pop tart pastries and stick them together to make a perfect gingerbread house
  • Again, check the images to get a better idea about sticking the pieces perfectly
  • Once you stick the pieces together, extra pipe icing on the edges to ensure that your house won’t fall apart before consumption.

That’s it! The base of your gingerbread house is now ready. Now start imagining the best way to stick your cosmetic ingredients to give a perfect finish.

Pop Tart Gingerbread House to Prepare for Christmas

For decoration

  • You must have some pieces of pop tarts remaining if you haven’t eaten them yet. Use them to make the front door of your house. Make each flap for the side to give it a real-like effect.
  • You may cut the chocolate into little pieces to prepare the pathway for the front of your house. Then pipe some icing between and around the path for a snowy effect. You may add a bit of sprinkle for an enhanced look.
  • Make sure to give the snowy effect on your house and through the boundaries and the sideways. You can use white sprinkles for the same. Please don’t overdo it.
  • You can prepare a wreath by piping the icing into a circle and sticking mini marshmallows and other colorful sprinkles on it, or you can cover the marshmallows with icing and dip it into the bowl of sprinkles for a better effect.
  • With that, you can use the candy canes for the sides and even crush some of them to apply them sideways to make them colorful. You are free to be as creative as you want.
  • Use M&M’s and all other remaining ingredients imaginatively to give your house a perfect look, but make sure you don’t overdo things just because you want to finish the ingredients.

Your pop-tart gingerbread house is now prepared and ready to be served. Kids love it, and even the adults unaware of pop tart creativity will praise you for your efforts. It’s a fantastic craft with delicious taste.

What does it taste like?

The flavor of pop tart used in preparing the base of the house dominates the overall taste of your Pop-tart gingerbread house. Make sure you use your favorite pop tart flavor, or you may end up hating all the effort you just put in to prepare the home.

With that, you also get the taste of creamy topping used throughout the house to fix walls and other decorative ingredients. If you want a specific flavor of chocolate, candy, or M&M, pick them and pop them into your mouth.

The mixture of all these ingredients will give you a sugary experience that’s good to eat occasionally but cannot have for regular breakfast.

Are there any health benefits?

No, there are hardly any health benefits of Pop-tart gingerbread house because it doesn’t include any healthy ingredients. Mostly, you use sugary products for icing and decorative items. Pop-tarts also have no health benefits, and experts don’t recommend eating them regularly because of their high number of sugars.

The house is a fun project for kids, or occasionally, you can prepare it to serve guests a sweet treat. But don’t try to consume it alone or don’t make it a habit of preparing it regularly because it’s too sweet, and regular consumption will adversely affect your health, like weight gain or obesity.

When can you prepare a pop tart gingerbread house?

The sweet treat of pop tart gingerbread is best suitable for Christmas when you can surprise your guests with something new they haven’t seen before. With that, you can prepare it for your kid’s birthday party or as a present for a newly married couple.

In total, the unique pop tart flavor can make any simple occasion special. Also, you don’t need any special event to prepare this recipe: try it whenever you or your friends crave a sweet dish or if you want to try a fun experiment.

It tastes delicious, and indeed you will get praised for the efforts and the taste you are delivering. Try to serve it fresh and see the magic.

Do kids still love it, or is the idea old?

The pop tart gingerbread house recipe is not something unique. You can find many images and videos on the Internet, including every piece of creativity you can imagine. Maybe your kid already knows about it; then it won’t be a huge surprise for him.

However, if your kids are unaware of this fantastic pop tart dish, you can surely use it to surprise them and watch their reactions. Please don’t allow them to consume it a lot because it contains sugars harmful to kids’ teeth.

Can I use my ingredients for decoration?

Of course, you can be as creative as you want until it serves the purpose and looks good. You can find your ingredients and use them the way you want; you can take ideas from the Internet or give your imagination wings.

People love when you show them something new, not only decorative items, even you can play with the house to make changes accordingly. You can try a duplex, a place with boundaries, fencing, or anything.

For how long does the gingerbread house stay together?

It depends on the thickness of the icing; usually, it won’t easily come out until you apply pressure to remove it. Assuming that you will consume the house in 2-3 days, the falling apart of the house is not a matter of concern.

If you are unsure how to prepare the perfect icing, we recommend browsing some videos before preparing it. That’s the central ingredient that keeps your house together, so it has to be perfect, or all your efforts will be wasted.

How to safely store it?

We know that many of you won’t consume it in one go, and most of the time, there is a need to store the pop tart gingerbread house. So, we recommend you keep it in a cool, dry place where it remains away from moisture but cold enough that the icing doesn’t melt and the pieces of your house stay together.

Please don’t expose it to extreme warmth near the chimney or heater. Keeping the house at average room temperature is enough for consumption in 2-3 hours, but if you want to keep it safe for a long, we recommend storing it in your fridge. Not in the freezer!

Pop Tart Gingerbread House to Prepare for Christmas

Final thoughts

That’s all about the Pop-tart gingerbread house recipe. We tried to explain it in the simplest way possible and hope you got points. Also, you don’t have to follow every step mentioned in the recipe and can always improvise for good. However, make sure the delicious taste and the decoration remains intact.

It’s not a unique recipe but a fun project to try with kids or amaze your guests on Christmas. So, have you understood the pop tart gingerbread house directions? Please provide any confusion or suggestions in the comments below.