Political Chocolate and Candy

L.A. Burdick (reviewed on ZOMG here) is selling two different boxes of “Election Chocolates” until November. Obama’s box contains Hawaiian-Pineapple, Kenyan Coffee, Kansas Corn Crunch, and Tennessee Sour Mash. McCain’s box has Arizona Citrus, Hot Pepper Tequila, Peanut Butter, and Kentucky Rye.

A few personal complains about this promotion. For Obama, Hawaiian-Pineapple and Kenyan Coffee make immediate sense, but I don’t get the Kansas Corn Crunch and Tennessee Sour Mash. The only connection I can come up with is that corn is associated with Illinois. And for McCain, what does citrus have to do with Arizona?And Peanut Butter? Because McCain is seen as more all-American or less exotic? And finally, there’s no direct link from the page that explains the chocolates to the page where you can buy them, which is just bad planning that’s annoying for potential customers.


Obama photo courtesy of my friend Chris Young.

Anyone else think the picture of Obama eating the chocolate mouse on L.A. Burdick’s website is kind of hot? Maybe that’s why he’s is in the lead by loads. Actually, I would imagine it’s more because his liberal granola constituency would be far more likely to splurge on artisan chocolates made in the U.S. I can see rich Republicans with the discretionary income for expensive chocolates to tend to reach for more recognizable brands (hello, sweeping generalizations!).

Finally, check out these sugar-paste minatures of all of the announced presidential nominees of this crazy election cycle.