Darrell Lea’s Soft Eating Liquorice

I got these bags of Darrell Lea’s Soft Eating Liquorice as free samples via the manufacturer. According to their PR peeps, they’re Australia’s #1 soft eating liquorice. Wonder if that means there’s such thing as a hard eating liquorice? They come in four flavors – strawberry, green apple, mango, and original. I told them that […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! As a bonus news treat, here’s a slideshow documenting how Peeps are made. And a cute review of Peeps lip balm from Serious Eats. And a huge collection of Peeps-related internet links. Whew! Are you going to hit up the post-Easter sales tomorrow? I certainly am!

Candy news bonus

Stephen Colbert on how Trick-or-Treating is like panhandling; to him, trick-or-treaters are hobos in training. Famous chefs/food writers on what they give out on Halloween. I wish I could trick-or-treat at their doors! How post Halloween sucks for orthodontists. And a capuchin monkey on a pumpkin. His name is Bond, James Bond. Meanwhile, I went […]