I’ve been wanting to try Zotz (BUY!) ever since I read about them on Candy Addict. As is the case with most retro candies, they’re rarely as good as their reviews claim they are. Nostalgia is a powerful force for inducing bias. But, while Zotz are no candy revelation, they were still pretty good and […]

Mallo Cup

The final chapter of the 1/2 week of “chocolate marshmallow cup type candies” is the Mallo Cup (BUY!). The Mallo Cup smells intensely of chocolate and coconut. Coconut? It doesn’t advertise coconut on the wrapper, but checking the list of ingredients reveals that the Mallo Cup does, in fact, contain coconut (incidentally, it also contains […]


Next on board for the 1/2 week of “chocolate marshmallow cup type candies” is the Cup-o-Gold (BUY!). Unlike the Valomilk, which came two cups per pack, the Cup-o-Gold is one giant cup. The wrapper promises “creamy milk chocolate, toasted almonds, that hint of coconut, and the signature creamy center.” The chocolate of the Cup-o-Gold has […]

Tootsie Fruit Rolls

I’ve enjoyed Tootsie Fruit Roll midges (BUY!) for as long as I can remember. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, they’ll be popping up everywhere in candy grab bag mixes for Trick-or-Treaters. Tootsie Fruit Rolls come in vanilla, lemon, lime, orange, and cherry. The citrus ones, predictably enough, are my favorite, though they’re […]

Dark Sponge

Yesterday, I wrote about the Violet Crumble. No raves, but a generally positive review. I should note that I actually tasted the Violet Crumble about a month ago and that yesterday’s review was based on the notes that I took when I tasted it. I didn’t taste the Dark Sponge until a week ago, so […]

No candy review today – Better things!

Today I am taking the train in to New York and having a Restaurant Week lunch at Cafe Boulud. Holy cow am I excited about eating there. I adore Daniel Boulud (wasn’t he the cutest on Top Chef?), and Cafe Boulud’s got three stars from the Times and one Michelin star. Daniel, one of Chef […]