I don’t especially love eating Peeps, though I will buy a pack or two if they’re on sale after Easter. I do, however, love the creativity that Peeps can unleash in people, as exemplified by the Washington Post’s Peeps Diorama contest. I made the following Peeps futball game to celebrate the Yale Concert Band’s then…

WashPost Peeps Diorama Contest now open!

I love the Washington Post’s annual Peeps diorama contest and look forward to it every year. People’s creativity and attention to detail are awe-inspiring. Now’s your chance to be awe-inspiring too! The contest is now open! Actually, it opened on March 1st. Photos of entries are due on the 15th, so get crackin’!

WashPost Peeps Diorama Contest

Last year, the Washington Post had a wildly successful Peeps diorama contest for Easter. It inspired me to create this centerpiece of Peeps playing soccer, hahvahd v. Brazil, for our final Yale Concert Band concert reception before we went to Brazil on tour. I had a ton of fun making it, and if I had…

Peep in a vacuum

Ok, this is a bit late since prime Peeps season is long gone, but it’s so cool I’m going to share anyway. From Slate’s Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait, check out what happens to a marshmallow Peep in a vacuum. For the science behind what’s going on, you’ll have to read Phil’s explanation.  

Post Halloween Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks recently posted a round-up of candy covered cakes that should never have happened. My favorite is the cake below: pumpkin Peeps all around the border, candy corn and gummi worms on top, and, of course, the perfectly correct label of “Fruit Topped Cheesecake.” Photo from Cake Wrecks.

Giant Peep

Okay, I know this is out of date since it’s so long after Easter, but it was too creative to not share. Apparently last Easter you could get a single giant marshmallow Peep! Serious Eats found one and had some fun…