Guest post: Hema Caramel & Biscuit Candybar Mini

Here’s another guest post from ex-pat friend Neil! ~Rosa A staple of Dutch towns is the HEMA department store. I dither on its American equivalent. K-Mart? Target? Everything there is their own brand, from clothing to sausage to the carpet cleaner. Often, when you ask a Dutch person “Where would I buy a…”, the answer […]

Kit Kat WiFi Break

Via Neil, news of an interesting new ad campaign from Kit Kat. Building on their “gimme a break” slogan and taking advantage of our current culture’s anxiety about our constantly wired world, they’ve built a bench in Amsterdam that blocks all WiFi signals, so people can truly take a break. A fun, attention getting idea! […]

Whimsical Candy Garden

Via Neil, check out this whimsical series of photos of a candy garden featuring Mike & Ike flowers and Pop Rocks fertilizer. Maybe I should take up candy gardening as a hobby – reviewing certainly leaves me with enough random odds and ends of all kinds of candy!

Candy Big Brother

Via my friend Neil and Slashdot, news of a creepy marketing campaign: Nestle’s embedding GPS trackers into select candy wrappers so that they can literally hunt down the purchasers. Fortunately, that hunt ends with the lucky huntees winning £10,000. But still, creepy, no?

Guest post: Cailler Sublim Lait & Caramel Pointe de Sel

I spent my weekend trying to win Duke basketball tickets by sleeping outside, so I’m turning things over to my ex-pat friend Neil for a couple of reviews. ~Rosa This bar that I picked up in Switzerland has been tempting me ever since I bought it. Cailler is a Nestle brand with a long Swiss history, a fact I […]

Guest Post: Zotter Mitzi Blue Nussmix (Nut Mix)

Here’s another great guest post from my ex-pat friend, Neil. Jealous that Zotter is so easy for him to get! ~Rosa I didn’t even have to travel out of the country for this one! I found the Zotter Mitzi Blue Nussmix (“Nut mix”) in a new organic gourmet shop in town. I was looking for […]