No more Kinder Surprise eggs in Germany

My first experience with a Kinder Surprise was when my dad brought one back for me from a business trip in Germany. This must have been a decade ago, yet I still remember the toy inside: a little fox (though I can no longer remember which one it was).

photo from Wikipedia

If you’ve never heard of Kinder Surprise, that’s unsurprising, as they’re banned in the U.S. Still, I’ve seen them around a few locally owned shops, and they’re readily available in the U.K. In Germany, however, they soon won’t be! The German parliament recently passed legislation banning the treats for pretty much the same reason they’re banned here in the states. It’s causing quite the uproar, as the Germans seem to love their Kinder Surprises.

I can understand the concerns about safety, but it’s still a shame that it’ll mean no one can buy the eggs. I think Kinder Suprises can be great treats for children who are old enough to understand the difference between edible candy and non-edible toys. And there’s always adult supervision!

Here’s Cybele’s Candy Blog review of the eggs.