Nintendo Mushroom Candy

Nintendo Mushroom Sour Candy [Review]

I got this Nintendo mushroom candy tin in my Sweets and Snacks Expo press kit/goodie bag. It was immediately eye-catching due to its sheer adorableness factor.

Nintendo Mushroom Sour Candy

It came in a little aluminum tin designed to look just like a Super Mario mushroom (something fans will recognize immediately). I loved the bright and cheery red-spotted cap.

The cap was cut inside so that it covered the mushroom stem at an angle. That meant it was super fun to play with. Below is my rakish, mysterious mushroom.

Nintendo Mushroom Sour Candy

Enough about the cute factor. What was the Nintendo candy like?

The mushroom stem was full of little pink compressed sugar candies. They, too, were shaped like mushrooms.

Nintendo Mushroom Sour Candy

Alas, mine were all mottled inside, which made them look water damaged. They were like that when I first opened the mushroom tin, and I opened it right when the goodie bag arrived.

They tasted slightly sour and brightly of artificial, slightly medicinal cherry. They were hard enough so that they could be sucked on. They were also quite chompable.

Nintendo Mushroom Sour Candy

Chomping on them released a rush of artificial cherry sweetness along with an iron-y bite (think just shy of Flintstone vitamin) as the candy disintegrated. I definitely preferred them sans chomping.

The conclusion?

The packaging was far better than the candy within. They come in different colors, including green and blue, but I’d buy it once just for the tin. The candy wasn’t that great. An O.