My friends are awesome!

My dad finally got around to picking up the mail we asked the post office to hold while we were on vacation, and guess what was there?

A box filled with Russian candies! They were sent by my friend Leslie, who is on her second year of living and teaching in Russia on a Fulbright. Leslie was kind enough to buy me candy and ship it to me at her own expense, and she even labeled everything (because I don’t read Cyrillic) and explained what it all was. I’m excited about tasting the 72% dark aerated chocolate and the Russian halvah and basically everything else inside the box. Thanks, Leslie! I can’t wait to dig in.

Also this week, I got a box of Mini Froer from Denmark, which are basically chocolate frogs (froer is Danish for frog) of various flavors. They were from my friend Laura, who spent last semester in Copenhagen working in a hospital and studying biology. The Harry Potter lover in me got super excited about the chocolate frog part, and the candy lover in me was happy that they were made from chocolate. Thanks, Laura!

Photo from, because my box got accidentally stepped on and teeny bit squashed in a corner during our New Year’s Eve festivities. My box is even better because Laura picked out a variety pack. Hooray!

So, in conclusion, having friends is awesome. Having friends who bring you exotic candy that you can’t get your hands on yourself is even more awesome. Looks like I’ll be adding extra categories under region soon.