Milky Way Crispy Roll

The other day, I was chatting with a friend about the candy blog, and she made a comment about how it must be hard to keep finding new candy to try. You’d think so, but no. There are bazillions of types of candy out there (various plain chocolate bars alone could take ages to get through), and when you go international, you find even more. The Milky Way Crispy Roll is unavailable in the U.S. (I bought it in England), which I think is a shame, as I rather liked it.

Readers unfamiliar with U.K. and U.S. candy differences should know that in the U.K., Milky Ways are more like 3 Musketeers. What Americans call Milky Ways, the British would call a Mars bar. And what Americans call a Mars bar, well, they don’t make those anymore, right? So it doesn’t matter (I think they’re like Snickers Almonds?).

Anyway, the Milky Way Crispy Roll is a eggroll (of the sweet variety, like a Pepperidge Farm Pirouette, rather than the savoury deep-fried version) filled with a whipped nougat-y filling. According to the wrapper, it’s “milk chocolate (30%) covered wafer biscuit fingers with a lightly whipped filling.”

The eggroll/wafer biscuit thingie is nice and crispy and carries a faint buttery flavor. The whipped filling was overly sweet for me and only partly mitigated by the plain lightness of the eggroll, and the chocolate coating is serviceable, but nothing to write home about. Still, I found it a rather elegant indulgence for a mass produced bar and award it an OM.