Mamba Candy - Flavors

Mamba Candy: Starburst Knockoff or Better? [Review]

I’ve seen Mamba candy?on the racks at Walgreen’s for ages and finally picked up a pack when they were on sale. They’re made by Storck, the same company that makes Werther’s Originals, Riesens, and Toffifee.

Mamba Candy

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Mamba Candy Flavors:

They come in four flavors: orange, lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.

For some kooky reason, Storck has decided to package their Mamba candy so that you get 3 six-packs per package. So instead of getting a few of all of the flavors, you get six each of three of the four flavors. Weird, right? Maybe it’s some manipulative ploy to get you to buy more Mambas in search of your missing fourth flavor or something. I just got annoyed.

Mamba Candy

My package contained lemon, orange, and raspberry. I got lucky, as citrus flavors are my favorite.

Mambas are similar to Starbursts, only they’re smaller and have a slightly firmer chew. I’d place the give of a Mamba somewhere between a Starburst and a Now and Later.

Mamba Candy - Flavors

The lemon was bright with a little bit of an effervescent citrus tang. There was no acidity to this lemon flavor, yet it managed to avoid the trap of tasting like lemon floor cleaner.

Orange tasted like an orange creamsicle, which was a bit more mellow than what I expected.

I personally didn’t care for the raspberry, as it carried with it a weird, seedy flavor. I can see others enjoying it, but it’s not for me.

The conclusion?

Mamba gets an OM from me. I finished the entire pack over the course of a few days – they’re rather addictive – but I don’t think I would buy them again. Though I did find?Mamba Sour?to be better!