Life Savers Gummies Island Fruits - Review

Life Savers Gummies – Island Fruits [Review]

I got these Life Savers Gummies Island Fruits as free samples from Wrigley (they came with the Orbit Mist). The Island Fruits lineup is new to the Life Savers Gummies family and features the following flavors: pineapple, fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, and mango melon.

Life Savers Gummies Island Fruits

I’ve always enjoyed Life Savers Gummies, but I rarely buy them. I guess it’s because I associate Life Savers with hard candy, and when I have gummi cravings, I think Haribo or Trolli. The rolls contain a lucky 13 ring-shaped gummies that are slightly greasy to the touch and that have a fairly stiff/sproingy chew.

What’s the best Island Fruit flavor?

Pineapple (bottom left) had a genuine fruit flavor with just a tinge of the essence of a pineapple’s core. Fruit punch (top right) was pretty basic, like Hawaiian punch in gummi form.

Life Savers Gummies Island Fruits

Strawberry kiwi (top left) was lightly flavored and reminded me of a Snapple juice drink. I wouldn’t have identified this flavor without knowing which flavors the assortment contained. Finally, mango melon (bottom right) was sweetly fruity with a round canteloupe finish. I didn’t pick up any mango notes, but I guess just calling it melon loses the alliterative effect.

All were a little disappointing if I’m being honest.

The conclusion?

Overall, these were rather enjoyable – I finished both sample rolls on my own – but I probably wouldn’t buy them again. I wish they had a little more oomph to them, so they get an O.

Surf Sweet’s Super Sour Worms are still my go-to gummi for now, as their fruit flavors are far brighter and far more genuine. If you are looking for Tropical flavors, you have to try Sour Patch Tropical.

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