Liberty Orchards Aplets and Cotlets

These Liberty Orchards’ Aplets and Cotlets were given to me by my friend Rita, who is from Washington state. In Washington, these are a locally made confection that probably takes advantage of the fruit trees of the state. If I ever get to visit her at home, I’m making her take me on the Liberty Orchards’ factory tour.

The Aplets (apples + walnuts ) and Cotlets (apricots + walnuts) come in a pretty box split in half between the two types. I love the logo design, with a apple as the O. On sight, the aplets and cotlets seem identical, but Liberty Orchards was thoughtful enough to include a decorative piece of paper that explained which half of the tray was which. There were 16 total confectioneries in my box, so 8 of each.

The aplets and cotlets smell lightly fruity. They’re basically a wonderfully smooth fruit pate/jelly candy with walnuts mixed in, all covered in confectioner’s sugar. The aplets had a light and subtle apple taste that tasted like genuine, real fruit – because it was made from real fruit. The cotlet, which was billed as tangy, wasn’t. In fact, I found it to have an even lighter fruit flavor than the apple. The walnuts were crunchy and mild, as walnuts should be.

I give these an OM because I find them too delicate and dainty for my taste. They’re a great, light way to finish a meal, but for snacking purposes, I’d prefer something with a little more OMPH.