Le Caramel Goodies – Part I

Le Caramel is a new homegrown candy company run by a husband and wife team. They’ve turned up before on Wine Woot to rave reviews, and I got the chance to sample their line-up for free, including sneak peaks of some new products that they’re in the process of rolling out.

I’m covering their current products that are now available for purchase. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see what the sneak peak products are, though they may debut on the Le Caramel Facebook page before then.

First up, their Caramel Cream made with Salted Butter. Press notes say that the “rich caramel cream is a blend of butter, sugar, creme fraiche, and just a hint of salt…[cooked]…in a copper kettle imported from France.”

It’s kind of ridiculously luscious looking (I think the below photo may be the food porn-iest picture I’ve ever posted). The caramel is crazy thick. It pours smoothly, yet the drizzle goes on and on. And it smells amazing, like a Werther’s Original on steroids.

The flavor of the butter definitely comes through, along with some deep notes of butterscotch and a sweetness that reminded me of Lyle’s Golden Syrup. There’s a definitely saltiness to it to accent the flavor, and the dark finish is almost bitter (in a good way!).

The Caramel Topping made with Salted Butter was a thicker, stickier, and saltier version of the Caramel Cream (the two had the same ingredients list).

If you look carefully in the below picture, you can see the air bubbles in the Caramel Topping. I think they happen because the more viscous Topping takes longer to settle back into itself.

The Topping had stronger notes of butterscotch and a more pronounced saltiness. Unlike the perfectly smooth cream, I could feel the occasional grain on my tongue. Each one really made the caramel stand out.

I tried these two caramels plain and drizzled over lightly fried plantains. They were excellent both ways and especially dangerous the first way. Eating it straight promotes indulgently rapid consumption and a resulting sugar overload.

I can’t wait to try them with crepes! And cookies, and apples, and ice cream… They both get OMGs. I really hope my roommates help me finish of the jars, mostly so that I don’t end up eating it all.

Le Caramel also makes a liquid Caramel Syrup that they recommend be poured onto desserts or into coffee. Believe it or not, I don’t eat dessert that often (I get enough sweets’ calories from candy), and I haven’t had coffee in years, so I’ve yet to try the Syrup.

I can, however, report that it smells wonderful – clear, sweet Werther’s Original/butterscotch/toffee scent to the hilt – and my roommates seem to have been enjoying it. I left out the full bottle to share a few days ago, and it’s already down to the label line.

Anyone want to invent a cocktail recipe for me, to put that syrup to good use?

If you want a chance for a free sample of your own, Le Caramel is giving away one free sampler pack a month on their Facebook page. And come back Wednesday to check out my reviews of their new products!