Kinder Cioccolato

I bought these Kinder Cioccolato bars in Italy, but I’ve seen them at random grocery/convenience stores in the U.S. before. They came 8 mini-bars to a pack, making them ideal for souvenir gift-giving.

It seems like Kinder is trying to play up the pseudo-healthiness of these bars. See that blue square touting more milk, less chocolate?

Each of the eight bars were individually wrapped in paper. They were nicely sized – slightly bigger than a Kit Kat finger – for snacking with portion control.

Each bar was pseudo-divided into 5 segments, and each segment’s top was stamped with a little crown-like decoration.

The bars were milk chocolate on the outside with an off-white, nearly yellow cream filling.

The milk chocolate was thick and creamy. It tasted sweet and slightly nutty, with that classic Kinder chocolate and praline taste.

The center filling brings lovely vanilla dairy notes that float above the rest of the bar.

My friends who got to try this and I all really enjoyed it. It’s a nice simple, sweet, and scrumptious snack – a great little creamy pick-me-up. An OM.