Jelly Belly Jewel Collection

Jelly Belly didn’t have a totally new candy product to show off at Sweets and Snacks this year (last year was all about Snapple Jelly Bellies), but they did have some fun tweaks on existing products. One especially eye-catching tweak resulted in these Jewel Jelly Bellies (photos without my watermark are from Jelly Belly):

They took their blueberry, bubble gum, sour apple, cream soda, berry blue, orange, and very cherry flavors and added a gorgeous pearlescent sheen to them all.

The result was incredibly eye-catching, and they look even better in person than they do in these photos.

They’re currently only being sold in bulk, so they didn’t have photos of the future official packaging to send me. They did have some example packaging at the Expo, however, as Disney Princess Jelly Bellies, which I thought was great cross-branding.