Jelly Belly Blech

The Huffington Post is running a bracket-style voting contest to find the people’s least favorite flavor of Jelly Belly. Voting starts later today for the final round, which will be either popcorn or top banana versus cappuccino or licorice! Winner (or loser?) will be crowned tomorrow.

My favorite part about all this is that Jelly Belly is actively promoting this on their Facebook page. They are either good sports or have sneakily creative PR people.

My least favorite Jelly Belly is probably the canned dog food one from the Bertie Botts/Beanboozled beans. I actually have tasting notes from when my friends and I had a blast playing the Beanboozled game, but I never wrote them up because they were things like, “weirds me out that it has notes of ketchup” (barf) or “musty and moldy, sort of tastes like an attic” (pencil shavings).