Is the Flavor Like Candy Important to Adult Vapers?

Is the Flavor Like Candy Important to Adult Vapers?

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the sale of flavored e-liquids for vaping in recent months, but what is it all about, and should you be concerned? We’ll start by saying there is no cause for concern, but you should know that there are certain factors in the USA who wish to ban flavored vape juices, and some states have already begun to implement such bans. Here we will let you know everything you need to about the situation as it stands, but first, are flavors really important to adult vapers?

The Flavor Debate

The debate regarding flavored vape juices came about as there has been – according to some surveys – a vast rise in the numbers of younger people who are starting to vape. This has been blamed on the availability of flavored vape juices. For example, a State Department of Health review in New York State showed that, among high school students, 27% of those interviewed say the vaped in the last year. This compares to 10.5% in the year 2014.

Furthermore, a similar survey by the same body found that 19% of 15 to 17 year-olds claimed flavors as the reason they began vaping. It would appear, then, that the authorities may be right, and that flavored vape products are attracting youngsters. However, we have been told by the vape store staff from the Vape4Ever – a leading player in what is a fast-growing field – that it is adults who are buying the flavored vapes, and that many do so as they are vaping to help stop smoking tobacco.

This clearly goes against the claims of the government-backed lobbies who are intent on getting flavors banned. In New York State, for example, a bill was passed in late 2019 that banned all flavors except tobacco and menthol. However, this ruling was quickly overturned by the appeals court, leaving retailers able to sell flavors as before, but there will be efforts to reinstate the ban in New York, as it is being enforced elsewhere.

Vaping and Ill Health

Part of the drive to restrict the sale of flavored vape juices is thanks to recent reports of lung disease in young people, which has been linked to vaping products. However, it has been found that the majority of such cases involve people who have been vaping products including THC – which is not permitted in legally available vape products – and with tobacco ingredients, which are also not permitted.

It has been clearly shown that such products will have been purchased on the black market, and not from licensed and legal suppliers of vape products, which means there is a distinction between the flavored vape juices sold legally, and those sold illegally that may cause lung disease and other problems.

There is no doubt that flavored vape juices are attractive to young people, but there is no evidence that they are more attractive to the young than to adult vapers, and there is evidence that vaping such products is moving people away from dangerous tobacco and nicotine products and into safer vaping.

Final Word

The debate surrounding flavored vape juices rages on, and it is inevitable that some states will take the step of banning the sale of such products. However, as things stand, there is no evidence that flavored vape juices are responsible for enticing younger users in greater numbers than they attract the adult vaper. It’s important you keep up to date with the law in your state so that you can ensure that you are vaping a legally permitted product.