I’m a self-confessed gum addict?

Conde Nast’s Portfolio has an article about gum – and how gum sales are doing in this economy (a good chunk of journalism is variations on a theme, I suppose).

My favorite part of the article was this paragraph:

Rosa Li, a psychology student at Yale and self-confessed gum addict who reviews chewing gums on the blog SugarSavvy.net, said she’s noticed the flavor of gum lasting longer. She prefers gums with “softer textures” and “complex or exotic flavor combinations” like Extra Fusion’s raspberry, black currant, and grapefruit flavor, which is only available in England. She also likes Orbit’s Mint Mojito, which is one of a number of cocktail-inspired gums. Others include Orbit’s Sangria Fresca and Trident’s Cool Colada.

My least favorite part is that she attributed me to Sugar Savvy, which I write for about twice a month, but neglected to mention this site, my baby and where I post on a week-daily basis. And I don’t remember telling the reporter who interviewed me last October that I was addicted to gum, but whatevs. It’s my first press quote! Well, about candy, at least. You can find some stuff about me and the YPMB, I’m sure.

Also, it’s a good thing that the piece got published now instead of a month and a week later, as I wouldn’t have been a Yale psychology student at that point!

Speaking of gum, I’ll have a gum review for ya tomorrow, thanks to free samples from the folks at Wrigley. Stay tuned!