H&S Candies

I received a free sample box of chocolates from H&S Candies when I did?a giveaway with them back in February. I took tasting notes and then promptly lost them – until now! Here’s the belated review.

My box contained little present-shaped squares of milk and dark chocolates. The pieces were hefty and solid, though they did have little visible air bubble imperfections.

The milk chocolate was extremely sweet with notes of caramel and a burnt sugar edge. The finish was strange, almost papery in its dry mustiness.

The dark chocolate reminded me of semisweet Nestle Toll House chocolate chips. It was harder and snappier than the milk chocolate square and a sort of thick, yet slightly grainy melt.

It had a slight fruitiness to the flavor. While it wasn’t quite as overly sweet as the milk chocolate, it was still too sweet for my taste. Both versions get an O.